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About Ajay Knight

From the local church to professional studio sessions and international touring, Ajay Knight is synonymous with tight and tasteful low end funk. But that’s really not surprising, considering he played with Blackstreet.

Knight played the drums for 13 years, before his mother took him to a show with Gospel star, John P. Kee where fellow TC artist, Maurice Fitzgerald, was holding down the bass for John P. Kee, and his infectious grooves inspired a young Knight to switch out the drums.

After he talked his mother into buying him a bass guitar, he got to work playing in the local church, learning the instrument by ear and practicing.

Following years of open-mics and playing different jobs, he landed a gig with legendary producer-songwriter and founding member of Blackstreet, Teddy Riley, and ended up playing bass for Blackstreet.

His playing is a masterful display in the soulful rhythmic grooves that evoke his gospel upbringings underpinned by a solid powerful touch that fills out the low-end and propels the song forward.

Recently, Knight has been touring Denmark with Danish recording artist Burhan G, bringing his expertise from the new jack swing genre to the cold north through his tight and funky tones.