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AM6 System 6000 screenshot 2

When developing AM6, an important, new function was added to complement the integrated Leq(M) number: A proficient way of measuring peak level.

Sample-based peak level detection is long past its age of retirement, while true-peak assessment as defined by AES and ITU is trustworthy. A true-peak measure is demanding on the topology of the meter, and it requires more processing power than a futile sample-based meter, but it's a big improvement when it comes to predicting whether or not a film or music track can be distributed and reproduced without producing overload and distortion.

The AM6 meter includes true-peak measurement of all 5.1 channels, so you're the first to know if a production is likely to create downstream problems. Recall a preset based on Leq(M) limits of 82 dB or 85 dB, or go to the Preference page to scale AM6 to a level and a time resolution of your own choice.