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Andreas Kisser is the lead guitarist for the metalband Sepultura as well as the rock supergroup HAIL! And has worked with acts like Anthrax - this guy’s metal to the bone!

Kisser is involved in several Brazilian movie soundtracks projects, namely No Coração dos Deuses and Bellini e a Esfinge. Kisser provided his guitar playing to 3 tracks on the Roadrunner United album. His playing can be heard on the tracks "The Enemy", "Baptized in the Redemption", and "No Mas Control". He is participating in the Scorpions Humanity Tour 2008 as a guest musician.

Kisser and drummer Igor Cavalera became the major creative forces in Sepultura after Max Cavalera's 1996 departure, although Igor is no longer a member of the band having left in 2006. Kisser's solo album entitled Hubris I & II, has been released in Europe. In 2006 he played guitars on Asesino's album Cristo Satánico, credited as "Sepulculo".

Kisser is also a member of a tribute band called HAIL!. That band's rotating cast of members include Andreas Kisser, Tim "Ripper" Owens, Paul Bostaph, David Ellefson, Mike Portnoy, Jimmy DeGrasso and Roy Mayorga.

In 2012 Andreas Kisser joined forces with Alex González (Maná), Sr.Flavio (Los Fabulosos Cadillacs) and Andrés Giménez Dmente (ex A.N.I.M.A.L) to give birth to a music project that was conceived over 8 years ago; DE LA TIERRA. The groups debut album will be released in November by Warner Music.

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