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As a young teenager, Andy Narsingh was introduced to music by his father’s 6 string guitar which he grew to love playing. As he approached 16, he tried playing the bass guitar, jamming out to Rush ‘The Spirit of Radio’, where he found his ultimate calling in life.

With such huge influences as Geddy Lee, Stu Hamm and Billy Sheehan to guide him, Andy’s progressive rock/funk style started to take shape and the rest is history. Andy formed his first progressive rock band in 1998 and called the band ARSIN. This was a 3 piece all original band that released their EP in 2000 called ‘The Outside’ which was also released in Europe/Japan under the band name HEAVENS FIRE. On the day of the release, the band was not celebrating the worldwide debut, instead, they were paying their final respects to their drummer, Michael (MicMac) MacKinnon, who lost his life in a house fire a few days earlier. Devastated, the members cancelled their upcoming tour to support the EP in Europe and Japan, and took some much needed time to recoup their energies. This would find the guys at the end of an era. The band ARSIN did not reform or record again.

Instead, Andy took time away from the music industry and enrolled in Film School. He got involved in film production and sound tracks. It took almost 7 years before Andy was able to admit that he needed to play his bass guitar again, and without any hesitation, started playing again.

As 2012 was on its way to year end, Andy was approached to record on the Loa House ‘VooDoo Love’ CD. A dark tale of voodoo influences and killing for love storylines, the band released their CD on January 26, 2013. Without any solid bookings to play the CD to live audiences, Andy grew restless again and Hooked Up with JT Harris once again to reform HEAVENS FIRE band lineup, than adding long time friend Darren James Smith of ”Jake E Lees Red Dragon Cartel “ to handle vocals and lyric writing . They recorded a full CD worth of original songs and released ‘Judgement Day’ on June 17, 2013. ‘Judgement Day’ has been getting major airplay in Europe on various Rock / Metal web stations through the summer months. Heavens Fire has also opened several shows co-billed with Harem Scarem over recent months.

Andy has also been keeping his chops up by jamming with some of the best known and respected musicians in Toronto. He landed a recording deal with his long time hero’s Moxy. He keeps up his funk influences playing with the Boogiemen and is keeping his reformation of ARSIN on his TO DO list. Andy will be the lead vocalist in the newly formed power trio ARSIN.

Andy Narsingh plays the following: FBass Custom Handmade Basses, Fender Precision Basses, Taurus 3 pedals and TC Electronic Bass Systems.

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