About Ariel Posen

Guitar virtuoso, singer-songwriter, producer and member of the Canadian JUNO award-winning roots-rock band, Bros. Landreth, Ariel Posen is surely a name to remember in today’s music scene.

Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Posen got into music during his earliest years, while spending most of his childhood on the road with his parents – both professional musicians.

He started out on piano but decided to fully commit himself to playing guitar after he got hooked on 90’s rock and grunge, as well as The Beatles. Being raised in a musical environment with support from his parents, gave him the foundation he needed to really pursue a career as a guitarist.

His soulful work, use of open tunings, and improvisational approach that he masters so brilliantly, comes from hours of listening to legends like Kevin Breit, The Beatles and Stevie Ray Vaughan to name a few.

Posen has become a well-respected guitarist in today’s music since joining the Canadian roots-rockers, Bros. Landreth in 2013. The band is known for its Southern-Americana blues style, where Posen’s extensive musical knowledge and tasteful phrasing on guitar adds an intriguing twist to the bands vulnerable and open sound.

After the band received a JUNO award for their album “Let it Lie”, they immediately began working on a follow-up record, choosing the same studio in where a young Posen as a kid watched his parents record their albums. He has also begun work on his first solo record in the same studio and will be releasing it in late 2018.

Currently on tour as a solo artist and with Bros. Landreth, Posen is a busy man, as well as working on different projects as a sideman and producer for numerous artists across various genres including country, jazz, blues, R&B, pop and rock.

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