The Harmonic Butler TonePrint by Roscoe Beck

Roscoe Beck's The Harmonic Butler is a basic, clean octave bass sound that works equally well for soloing as for rhythm sections that need some extra 'meat'.

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*** NOTE ***

In order to support all TonePrint effects make sure your BG/BH amp is updated with the latest firmware.
BG250 MKI (the original with 1 TonePrint knob) does not support Helix Phaser and Viscous Vibe.

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Roscoe Beck - The Harmonic Butler TonePrint

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We got a chance to sit down with the amazing Roscoe Beck at Frankfurt Musikmesse 2012. Roscoe revealed that he keeps busy, this year being involved in the Leonard Cohen release ‘Old Ideas’, and he also plans to record and tour with Greg Koch and Oz Noy. He was please to try out the new lightweight, but very powerful BG250 bass combo, liked what he heard and stated that he is very impressed with the BG250. As Roscoe had already done a TonePrint for the Corona Chorus pedal he was familiar with the TonePrint concept and very pleased to find this feature on the BG250 also. Roscoe opted to do an Octaver TonePrint and called the print ‘The Harmonic Butler’ as an octaver often acts as an assistant for bass players by adding body and power to the tone.

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