Gold TonePrint by Uriah Duffy

With the Corona Chorus Gold TonePrint, Uriah went for a more traditional harmonic sounding chorus that added a smooth harmonious vibe. He achieved this by extending the delay time of the chorus, which also gave the tone a highly desired thickness. However, it was important to Uriah that the effect added just enough spice to the sound without overdoing it.

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Uriah Duffy's Gold TonePrint

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Other TonePrints by Uriah Duffy


We were delighted to have Uriah Duffy of Whitesnake fame come join us at our headquarters in Aarhus, Denmark to create two great bass TonePrints for the Corona Chorus.

First we needed to hear how Uriah even used chorus effects in his style of play. He told us "I tend to go subtle with effects and I think, in my point of view anyway, if it’s too much it’s not pleasing to my ears. I don’t want this huge chorus but if it can spice up the sound, much like you would a meal, then I am into it."

For one of the chorus TonePrints Uriah was looking for a sound that could be defined by a ‘bite’, as he says: “This is a fun one. I have never heard anything like it before. Right now you’ve made it subtle again. I like it because if I am playing quicker notes it’s ok; it’s when you pull harder that’s where it might be too much. Maybe take the depth off a little. It’s better for having that bite.” In fact for this TonePrint he experimented with the tri-chorus mode and a heavy style as well.

Before being asked to name the TonePrint, Uriah posted the question “Is there a name for a female viking?” As no one in the room had a good enough answer, the Corona Chorus Female Viking TonePrint was born.

For Uriah’s next creation he went looking for an even subtler chorus that would be less obvious to the ear than the Female Viking. As he said “Of course with a chorus you need to try out the harmonics”. Through a number of adjustments, including extending the delay of the chorus from 8 milliseconds to about 21 milliseconds, it was possible to add a distinct thickness to the chorus effect that didn’t compromise the sound of the chorus.

The outcome of this TonePrint was a much smoother and much more harmonic sounding chorus compared to the Female Viking. This creation was immediately inspirational for Uriah as he didn’t hesitate at all to dub it “Gold”.

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