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Gig Ready Bass TonePrints

The unbelievable tight and funky Winston Blissett, Federico Malaman, Scott Devine and Steve Lawson have put together a TonePrint package that's more than suitable for gigging. Now! 

Take it from these masters of the bass. They know what you need to fatten up your tone, give it a whiff of extra color or, as Devine puts it, a "bit of skank", to make you stand out on stage.

The credientials are high in this package indeed. Malaman, Devine and Lawson are well known, not only for their virtuous skills, but also their immense teaching skills, making them renowned educators on the Internet.

While Blissett has a formidable resume of who's who in music. Maybe he's best known for his work with Massive Attack, but one shouldn't forget greats like Lionel Richie, Phil Collins and Kylie Minogue.

They have shaped some truly cool TonePrints, using the Helix Phaser, SpectraComp and Hall of Fame Reverb, that all have in common that they'll be great for live use. So try them on for size and take command of the stage already today.

On top of that we're putting up a Helix Phaser and SpectraComp Bass Compressor for grabs. Just sign up via the form below to be in the draw. Competition ends on Friday the 27th of January.


TonePrint Videos

Scott Devine presents "In the Shed" TonePrint for Helix Phaser

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