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The Revolution Is Just Warming Up!

BG500 bass combos - hear how they sound

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When we introduced Bass Amp 2.0, the world took notice in ways they've never done before. It was a smash success and ever since we've been thinking of ways to push things forward.

What we've come up with is two combos that combine tons of raw power with stunning tone shaping tools and an impressive list of unconventional features. Meet BG500 115 and BG500 210.

  • 500 Watts of Raw Power
  • Bass Amp 2.0 Features
  • Different Speaker Configurations

Power Trip

No matter how you look at it, power matters. Bass has historically been an instrument of power and authorithy and with BG500, you can rest assured there is always plenty of power to go around.

The Future of Bass. Now.

What does Bass Amp 2.0 mean? It means bassamps that make sense. That have a tuner and presets, realistic bassdrive and 'per string' compression, I/Os that are common in modern times and geared towards the busy musician on the go. In short, Bass Amp 2.0 is you.

Speak(er) Your Mind

The powerful 500 Watt amps in the two models are identical and both have 1" Eminence tweeters, but you can choose from either 2x10" or 1x15" Eminence driver configurations. Did we mention we custom designed them together with Eminence? Whatever you want/need, the choice is yours.

BG500's Resume

  • 2x 10" drivers & 1" driver or 1x 15" & 1" driver (Eminence TC Custom)
  • 500W (1000W peak)
  • SpectraComp
  • TubeTone
  • Tweeter Tone
  • 3 presets
  • Bass tuner
  • 4 band tone controls
  • Balanced DI output
  • Headphone output


BG500 Bass Combos -- overview

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Bass Player
by Rod Taylor

In testing this particular unit, I utilized 4-, 5-, and 6- string basses, and was pleased in all accounts with the range of sonic quality. (...) The BG500 offers a few features worth mentioning. The most obvious is its ability to store and recall three different EQ presets. It’s something I’ve never really desired in an amp, but that is surely because I never had that option on any I have owned. This feature could certainly come in handy on cover-band gigs that require frequent switching between EQ settings.

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Music Gear Review
by Dave Molter

It's very hard to believe that so much sound comes from a relatively small box. It's a warm, defined, friendly sound, too, one situated comfortably between TC's RH450 and Staccato '51 heads -- not really hi-fi when set flat, but certainly not muddy or woofy. I never ran the master past noon with the Gain control set around 11 o'clock in a room that seats 500 and, in fact, found myself actually turning down a few times.

Check out the full review by Music Gear Review
No Treble
by Jeff Gorham

The BG 500 is a great combo for all styles. It gives a jazz combo bassist enough sound to be heard over the set. There is theoretically enough stage volume for rockers and with the balanced-out, you can throw it into the mix to run through the house PA, giving you a huge presence. With all the features on the BG 500, you’ll surely be able to dial-in any tones you want. And you’ll never forget an amp setting, thanks to three memory banks.

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