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TC Electronic BH500 - It's Time to Step up to Bass Amp 2.0!

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BH500 is the rock-voiced amp in our Bass Amp 2.0 line up. Combined with the BC410/BC212/BC210 cabinet range, it stacks up to become any rig you need - for small bar gigs, indoor rock clubs, outdoor stadium concerts, you name it, you got it!

  • 3 Presets
  • Built-in Bass Tuner
  • Tone Tools: TubeTone, SpectraComp, TweeterTone

Set, Don't Forget

BH500 can store three of your favorite tones. Kick in the overdriven tones, compressed tones or just a different tone exactly when you need to, or tailer your presets to fit different bass types. Super easy and very handy during gigs!

In Tune with Bassists

All of our bass heads feature a dedicated, on-board bass tuner. Now, getting and staying in tune could not be easier, letting you focus on the all-important thing: Rocking Out!

Shape Your Destiny

BH500 is equipped with a great-sounding 4-band EQ which is perfect for shaping your fundamental tone. On top of that, you also get TubeTone for warmth or drive, SpectraComp for ultra-tight punch and TweeterTone to control the tweeter level right from the front panel.


Backstage Pass - All Access

5–String Bass Tuner

Tune up in seconds. It doesn’t matter if you play 4 or 5–string basses, the built–in bass tuner is there for you. There are 5 LEDs indicating each string plus 2 green LEDs that will tell you whether you need to tune up or down.

3 Presets

Do you ever play different basses – or tunes that need unique tones – on the same gig? You can create 3 presets tailored for e.g. a Jazz Bass, a P Bass and an active bass, or it could be for Rock, Slap or Upright bass. It’s all up to you, and you’ll find that swapping basses on the stage is faster than ever!


Adjust the sparkling highs on the fly. TweeterTone will add that crispy edge for modern finger style or slapping, or take it away for a vintage feel that oozes soul, inspiring for classic rock and Motown bass lines.


Multi–band compression – the musical way to control dynamics. SpectraComp can be subtle or downright aggressive, but either way you get the best bass compressor ever made. Single–band compressors tend to be controlled only by the lower strings, but with SpectraComp you virtually get ‘per string compression’.


The Contour feature lets you dial in a modern tone with a single click. There are two variations, Contour 1 will take you directly to slap bass heaven, whereas Contour 2 will scoop the mids even further – perfect for modern metal tones. If you use Contour, it will be stored along with the rest of your settings in one of the three presets.


TubeTone gives you that vintage feel of an all–tube bass amp. Rather than fitting a single tube in the preamp section, we have designed a pristine circuit that emulates not only a tube preamp, but also a complete tube power amp. Add subtle tube warmth or crank it all the way up for dirty drive tone.

Cabinet Configurations


Combine any three RS Cabinets

Combine three BC210 or BC212 Cabinets







Two BC410 Cabinets




One BC410 and one BC210 or BC212 Cabinet


BH500's Resume

  • 500 W
  • 4 Ohms
  • 4-band EQ
  • SpectraComp Multi-band Compressor
  • TubeTone
  • 3 Presets
  • 5-string Bass Tuner
  • TweeterTone
  • Contour 1 & 2 
  • Aux In
  • Headphone Output
  • DI Out (pre/post EQ)
  • Active/Passive Input
  • Speakon Speaker Out


TC Electronic BH500 - Overview

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Artists Using BH500


by David LO PAT

First impression: even halved, the output power shakes the walls of my apartment. Danish gear (at least in its conception) is pretty sturdy and makes a lot of noise considering that it only uses a pair of 10" drivers. I couldn't succeed in overloading the speakers, even though the two dual-coil pickups of my bass tend to push amplifiers and speakers to their limits.

Check out the full review by Audiofanzine
Bass Quarterly
by Leif Bendt

The BH500 is an excellent amp with tons of possibilities with a cool set of all-round options. The sounds are full and powerful, with room filling, pronounced mids. Highest marks to this red Dane.

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