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Blazing trails more often than not, metal legend Bill Steer has fire-branded his mark onto numerous genre-defining albums, always throwing the shred quotients completely off the charts while retaining a strong sense of melody.

Never exactly a subtle band, UK pioneers Carcass have led the way of extreme metal since their outset in the mid 80s. And although Jeff Walker’s tongue-twisting vocals are prominent on their records, it’s not really Carcass until Bill Steer picks up the guitar.

His down-tuned death’n’roll riffs always add a great deal of depth to the band’s sound and where other lead-guitarist sometimes come across as forced in their melodies, Steer always ends up with an extremely vicious yet human tone.

Much the same can be said of his purebred bite and pinpoint soloing with Gentlemans Pistols and his ferocious crunch with the criminally underrated blues-rock trio Firebird. When in his playful corner, Steer always brings the best of heavy metal classicism to any stage and studio.

After ten years of down-tuned grind, Carcass went on an extended hiatus from 96 until their return to recording with 2013’s Surgical Steel.

As hoped, the long-awaited album took the weight of anticipation by the scruff of the neck and tore it apart, limb from limb, resulting in one of the greatest reunion albums of all time.

Since their rebirth, Carcass has headlined metal festivals all over the world and is quietly (as quiet as Carcass gets) working on new material that might become the heavy filth of another cornerstone album in metal.

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Carcass - Live @ Wacken 2014

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