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Blacksmith is our flagship bass amp. Our pride and joy. Handmade in Denmark, we've made sure Blacksmith combines classic and modern tones with pure, undiluted power and award-winning features from our Bass Amp 2.0 concept.

  • 1,600 Watts of Power
  • 3 Presets
  • Ultimate Tone Tools

Absolute Power

With Blacksmith on-stage, power is never an issue - large clubs, major venues or full-scale stadiums, Blacksmith covers them all with verve.

A massive 1,600 watts deliver a huge bass tone that's responsive to the subtleties in your playing yet has the authority to drive the most hard-rocking bass lines and hammering riffs with heaps of attitude.

Cover All Your Basses

Blacksmith catches the subtleties of your style, creativity and instruments by providing 3 presets that you can use to match your needs.

Got both an active and a passive bass? No problem. Need to instantly switch between a modern rock tone and a more funky motown vibe? Blacksmith has got you covered.

Shape Your Tone

Use the semi-parametric 4-band EQ to shape your fundamental tone. Then, tweak the TubeTone, SpectraComp and TweeterTone knobs to take it to the next level. 

Go for subtle compression and a touch of tube-warmth, take it through the roof with crancked tubes and hard-punching compression - or anywhere in between. 


Backstage Pass – All Access

Built–in Bass Tuner

The on–board bass tuner is chromatic, and it’s always on. In other words, you can check up on your tuning state at any time – even at a quick glance in the middle of a tune. And tuning up between songs is faster then ever. Crowds just hate waiting!

3 Presets

Do you ever play different basses – or tunes that need unique tones – on the same gig? You can create 3 presets tailored for e.g. a Music Man, a P Bass and a Rickenbacker, or it could be for Rock, Metal and Funk, or for fingerstyle, picking and slapping. It’s all up to you, and you’ll find that swapping basses, musical styles and playing techniques on the stage is faster than ever!


TubeTone gives you that vintage feel of an all–tube bass amp. Rather than fitting a single tube in the preamp section, we have designed a pristine circuit that emulates not only a tube preamp, but also a complete tube power amp. Add subtle tube warmth or crank it all the way up for dirty drive tone.

Flexible Tone Controls

The EQ section is semi–parametric on all 4 bands. You may never need to use the semi–parametric option, but if you should happen to be at a venue that requires surgical frequency adjustment, just hit the Shift button and define exactly at which frequency each EQ–band should cut or boost.


Multi–band compression – the musical way to control dynamics. SpectraComp can be subtle or downright aggressive, but either way you get the best bass compressor ever made. Single–band compressors tend to be controlled only by the lower strings, but with SpectraComp you virtually get ‘per string compression’.


Adjust the sparkling highs on the fly. TweeterTone will add that crispy edge for modern finger style or slapping, or take it away for a vintage feel that oozes soul, inspiring for classic rock and Motown bass lines.

Effects Loop

Use the Send/Return connectors to hook up external effects. Traditionally, dry/wet effects such as chorus or reverb are used in a Send/Return system, but today there are no rules. If you want to experiment with adding effects like drive or filter modulation ‘on top’ of your clean signal, this is the way to go.

Line Driver

The built–in DI is state–of–the–art. In many cases superior to external DI boxes, so if you need to send a signal to an FOH engineer, try this option first. You can also use it when recording in the studio, taking advantage of the flexible EQ section, SpectraComp and TubeTone.

Cabinet Configurations


Combine any four RS Cabinets

Combine any four K Cabinets








2 Ω Mode


Combine any two RS Cabinets

Combine any two K Cabinets







4 Ω Mode


RC4 Perspective

RC4 Remote

Want to switch easily between your presets, or tune up without having to turn around? The RC4 Remote is your solution!

You gain total control right at your feet, and it will also allow you to quicly mute the amp for silent tuning in betweens songs.

Blacksmith's Resume

  • 1,600 W
  • 2, 4 or 8 Ω
  • 3 Presets
  • SpectraComp
  • TubeTone
  • TweeterTone
  • Chromatic Tuner
  • 4-band Semi-parametric EQ (Bass, Lo-Mid, Hi-Mid and Treble)
  • Transformer Balanced Studio-grade Line Driver Output


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Artists Using Blacksmith


Bass Player
by Rod Taylor

The word “blacksmith” typically conjures up an image of some muscled, soot-covered medieval man standing over a crimson flame with hammer in hand. It’s a traditional image of strength and power, and the one that came to mind when I plugged the burly Blacksmith head into a cabinet, turned the GAIN and MASTER controls to about three-quarters, and hit a low B on my Fender V. (I’m fairly certain I set off a few neighborhood car alarms.) In a word, the Blacksmith is loud. Really loud.

Check out the full review by Bass Player
by Rainer Wind

It is tremendously powerful and not overly large and heavy, we have already praised the features in other TC bass amps as absolutely practical and good sounding audio tools. In addition, the amp is easy to operate despite its many functions.

Check out the full review by Bonedo
Bass Professor
by Jogi Sweers

Sorry if I sound like a fanboy, but the amp TC delivered is tons of fun and sounds great, without any practical weak points. Blacksmith is a top notch amp, no ifs or buts. Blacksmith convinces in genres beyond rock or metal and offers the handmade Danish quality - an amp for life!

Bass Quarterly
by Lutz Mays

It's hit after hit for TC Electronic. They launch one after the other successful bassamp and now they launch BlackSmith. Simple, yet richly equipped with everything a bass player needs. The amp just oozes class and every part is well built and exudes quality. The amp sounds great, even with smaller cabs - the tone is rock solid!

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