Vintage Guitar Pedal Native Plug-in Bundle (Official Product Video)

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Made for rocking, the Booster+ Distortion has been used by guitar beasts such as Frederik Thordendal (Meshuggah) and Scott Ian of Anthrax.

Whether you use this baby as a clean booster, a powerful distortion, or an always-on tone warmer it will always stay true to your tone.

Based on the original late-70s schematics, we've recreated this roaring monster as a plug-in - ready to load into your project.

  • Clean boost with EQ / distortion with EQ modes
  • Legendary sound and tone
  • Perfect AU, AAX and VST recreation of the classic pedal

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The Tones of the Bundle - Take a Sip of the Wet & Dry

Backstage Pass - All Access

Keeping it simple, the Booster+ Distortion Native lets you color and cultivate your tone with ease. Have a look!


All about that bass, not at all about that bass or somewhere in between? Add or attenuate as you please!


All about that bass, not at all about that bass or somewhere in between? Add or attenuate as you please!

Noise Suppressor

Holds feedback in a firm leg lock only letting through your boosted, yet uncolored signal! Adjust the threshold of the gate to eliminate unwanted noise, yet still let through your low dynamic phrases


Adjust the amount of high-end frequencies in your sound


Set to boost for a clean boost, that will raise the level of your clean or crunchy signal, or flick the switch to distortion for that fat, classic dirt tone!


In distortion mode, this will take your tone from Snake Plissken to Scarface, from the slightly rough to the seriously roaring

Booster+ Distortion Native's Resume

  • Famous clean boost guitar pedal effect for your favorite music program
  • True 1:1 software emulation of the original BOOSTER+ LINE DRIVER & DISTORTION guitar pedal
  • The first true clean boost pedal, used by countless pros to push tone to new levels
  • Legendary sound - among the first 5 products TC ever made
  • Get a clean boost with EQ or distortion with EQ
  • Super linear noise free booster
  • Based on the original schematics: every sound, nuance and detail mapped to perfection
  • Supports AAX*, VST* and Audio Units* plug-in formats
  • Works with virtually any major DAW for Mac* or PC
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Calling All Tone Chasers - the Chase is Over!

You now have the chance to add 5 of the most sought-after vintage guitar effect pedals to your plug-in collection.

  • 5 vintage pedals as native plug-ins
  • Legendary tone: based on the original circuit diagrams
  • Lots of presets for versatility and variation


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Soren Andersen on Vintage Guitar Pedal Bundle

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