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Brian Hardgroove is probably best known as the bass player for legendary hip-hop group Public Enemy. He has also toured with Bootsy Collins and T.M. Stevens in a three bass player tour, making for a truly epic bass line.

As a child Brian wanted to be a police officer. A dream that lasted until he was 14. That’s when he won tickets to see Earth, Wind and Fire in a radio contest, and when he knew he wanted to play music for a living. He never looked back. “I had what you call an epiphany,” he says. With an origin story like that, it might be obvious, that Earth, Wind and Fire was a huge influence on Brian’s musical endeavours early on.

While he is most known for playing with Public Enemy he has a lot of other things going. He is the artist in residence at Santa Fe University of Art and Design, where he has had a hand in starting a program called Artists for Positive Social Change. He has produced records with a couple of the biggest punk acts in China, feeling a kinship with their critical approach to authority. He is also the founder of From a Whisper to a Dream, a project that aims to connect young artists trying to make a living through music to equipment manufacturers, trying to set up mutually beneficial endorsement deals.

Brian has been using a BG250-115 bass combo for smaller shows for a while now, and he really digs the feature set, the quality and the outstanding sound. He notes, that a relatively small thing like the built-in tuner actually works extremely well. “A couple of amp companies are putting tuners on amps now, but this one is very fast and responds very accurately, which is NOT the case on most of the ones I’ve seen.” Features are one thing, but obviously, what really matters is how it sounds. And of course the TC rig hasn’t let him down there either: “I use it in small intimate environments where getting good sound is tough, and it’s been great. I love it.”

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Public Enemy's Brian Hardgroove knows what he likes on stage

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