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Brian “Head” Welch is the founder of Love and Death, Co-founder of KORN and a true metal head by heart. He has inspired many with his marvelous skills on the guitar.

As a child Welch originally wanted to play drums. We can all thank his father for persuading him otherwise by pointing out the difficulty of carrying around a drum kit. If he hadn’t, KORN might not have the distinctive sound that defined the nu metal aesthetic beginning in the mid 90s.

In 1993 something awesome happened for Welch. The band L.A.P.D was looking for a new guitarist. They collaborated with Welch and formed the band creep. It was not the final-version band because soon after singer Jonathan Davis joined and KORN was born. KORN reached massive success and became one of the top-selling hard rock groups. Welch stayed in the band for 12 years before deciding to change his scenery. He released the deep and emotional album “Save me from myself” under his own name. It was a tough beginning for Welch as he completely had a fresh start. He was used to playing live gigs in front of thousands yet with his new project he played for just hundreds. In 2012 Welch decided to separate his business in two. His book releases and public speaking’s remained under “Brian Head Welch” and he re-branded his solo-project with the band name “Love and Death”.

After 7 years on his own without much contact with his previous band members from KORN, Welch appeared in a show with them in May 2012. This led to him appearing with the band in more shows and finally in May 2013 Welch rejoined the band officially. He did not abandon Love and Death but works simultaneously with both projects.

In addition to making must-hear music and writing inspiring books Welch is the principal organizer and representative of The Whosoevers. An outreach organization and product-line founded with Sonny Sandoval (P.O.D) and Ryan Ries. The organization is set out to build and strengthen the youth of today, inspiring their creativity and stand together to make a difference. Welch has the intent to positively impact today’s music, skateboarding and art culture.

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