Brickwall Limiter 2 Original

Last Line of Defence

Among audiophiles, it is generally believed that many recent CD releases sound worse than they did when this format was initially introduced. We decided to investigate the problem, and our engineers discovered that the reason is inadequate level restriction in production and mastering, which triggers distortion in broadcasting processors, data-reduction algorithms and consumer CD players.

2nd Generation Brickwall Limiting
With the Brickwall Limiter 2, you get a stunning 2nd generation processor that we designed to show if a given signal is 'contaminated' with 0dBFS+ peaks and to remove them when necessary. Built on the foundation of the original Brickwall Limiter, it offers even better protection of the downstream signal-path without sacrificing overall loudness.

Bit Transparency
The BrickWall Limiter 2 algorithm is bit transparent below the threshold of limiting, which means that you can in fact use it on an already dithered master. In other words, let the BrickWall Limiter 2 have the final word, and you will definitely get cleaner and more predictable results on CDs and DVDs - as well as data-reduced deliveries such as MP3, AAC, Dolby Digital or DTS.


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System 6000 mkll by Robbie Bronnimann - Brickwall Limiter 2

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