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C300 - Tailor-made Compression

C300 front

We've spent years researching and developing the art of compression, supplying top quality processing to world class engineers. In fact, it's likely you've heard world-renowned TC compression on most of your favorite records and movies. Now you can get TC quality compression with the C300.

But we didn't stop there. C300's new source-based architecture takes the drudgery out of compression and lets the box do the work for you. The history-proven compression knowledge we've packed into the C300 includes advanced features like multi-band and parallel compression you won't find in any other product in this category.

C300 Dual Stereo Gate/Compressor
C300 is an easy to use dual engine dynamics processor that gives you superior compression/limiting and gate/expansion feasibilities. It features flexible control of the signal path, 16 gate/expander and 16 compressor/limiter audio-optimized presets with intelligent TC multi-band and full-band technology, innovative new style compression, state-of-the-art TC quality, and an extremely intuitive and straightforward user interface that gives you access to complex and comprehensive dynamic processing with a few buttons and simple operations only. C300 is mainly meant to be used in insert applications.

Optimized Presets
The C300 gives you source-based presets that are tailor-made for various types of sources. Depending on the preset you select you have access to intelligent TC full-band- or multi-band technology. The C300's multi-band processing is built on a state-of-the-art TC algorithm that bases it's calculations on the incoming source, and that's why it's called source-based.

A multi-band compressor, as opposed to a full band compressor, acts differently on different frequency bands. This means that each frequency band actually has its own little compressor working on it, with unique settings like threshold, ratio, attack and release. If you for instance prefer a steep compression on the lower frequencies, a soft compression on the mid frequencies, and a bright and light compression on the higher frequencies, you should use a multi-band compressor. The C300 comes with several presets that are fully optimized for this kind of compression and you'll be surprised just how easy multi-band compression can be. 

New Style Compression - An Innovative Approach to Compression
We've analyzed the decisions that world class engineers make when they compress and compiled them inside the C300, offering you a completely new approach to working with compression. Now you can take a compressed signal and mix it with a dry signal and enhance all details in the music, just by turning the mix knob. Instead of pressing down the signal peaks it preserves all the higher dynamics when you play loud, and at the same time it brings out all the details from the lower end of the signal.

Try to apply parallel compression on a drum kit. You'll soon discover that all the lower details are smacked in your face, while still preserving the bells and high dynamics of the snare and cymbals "uncompressed", so to speak. And the really cool thing about it is that the C300 makes parallel or new style compression the easiest thing in the world - just select source preset, and you're up and running!

Simple, Intuitive and Straightforward
The entire user interface has been laid out to be simple, intuitive and straightforward. All non-essential knobs and tweaking options have been cut away and replaced with innovative combinations and expansions of parameter indicators and knobs. For instance, the gate and the compressor are both controlled with the same knob, giving you improved and much faster access to important parameters.

The Sound of TC
The C300 gives you highly advanced TC algorithms that will process your sound with extreme precision, ultimate audio quality and outstanding performance. State-of-the-art audio converters are built-in, ensuring that your transition from analog to digital and back is in the very best quality. 

To many, TC is synonymous with superior and excellent quality. And for a reason; over the years, the entire music and audio industry has celebrated and awarded TC Electronic for its outstanding products.

Flexible Control of the Signal Path
The C300 comes with a flexible routing feature that gives you all combinations of parallel and serial link modes. Stereo serial mode allows you to process a composite full-mix signal on both engines simultaneously, virtually giving you an extra device. With the C300 you can insert a stereo full-mix signal into one engine, e.g. compress it, and then send the stereo signal into the second engine, and e.g. limit it, and then send out a processed full-mix stereo signal. What this gives you is the full use of stereo processing on two serial connected engines, something that's not normally attainable from this type of dynamics processor.

In normal dual/mono mode you'll either use one engine as a compressor and the other as a gate - or both engines as compressors or gates, having two individually processed mono signals coming out from each engine. Or, you'll link the two engines together, and e.g. use the first engine to compress the signal, and then the second engine as a limiter, sending out a processed mono signal.

Tech Talk

Processing Modes
From the front panel you can easily select which mode your engines should be in. It's simple and to the point; choose between Comp|Lim and Gate|Exp mode. Once you've made your choice, the knobs are tuned in to react and apply the corresponding alterations that the mode requires. 

The presets are easily accessible from the front panel, and they are all a result of extensive fine-tuning serving a dedicated purpose. Brilliant as these presets are, you have the option to make the presets work in your specific application and tweak them to your taste. Using the knobs on the front panel next to the preset selector will alter the presets. If you've selected e.g. the Female Vocal preset, but want the threshold to be different, simply turn the threshold knob until you've got the sound you like.

Routing Modes

Mono Mode - set the knob in Dual / Mono Mode
You can use the two engines in the C300 as two separate mono engines. That means that you can use one engine as e.g. a compressor and the other engine as e.g. a gate. This gives you two completely separate end distinct signals on the mixer. Insert a mono signal to the input in one engine and get a processed signal from the output of the same engine, and do the same with another signal via the other engine. This is great if you want to e.g. compress a vocal on one engine and gate a snare drum on the other engine.

Serial Mode - set the knob in Stereo / Serial Mode
If you need to work in serial mode then you can e.g. feed a signal to the left-1 input and get the processed signal from the left-1 output. That means that you can take advantage of both engines and e.g. first apply compression and then apply gate on your signal. Of course we've made it so you can decide exactly what combination of processing you prefer: 


Stereo Mode - set the knob in Stereo / Serial Mode
This mode gives you the option to process a complete stereo signal through both engines. Feed a stereo signal into the left-1 and right-2 inputs and take the processed signal from the left-1 and right-2 outputs. As with the serial mode we've given you all the choices of what kind of processing you can use on the stereo signal: 


Stereo + Serial Mode - set the knob in Stereo / Serial Mode
What really makes the C300 stand out from the rest is the Stereo Mode routing feature - it virtually gives you an extra device. Now you can master and limit your stereo full-mix with only one device! Run the signal in stereo through engine 1 and make your e.g. master compression. Then you route your signal through engine 2 which you can then use as an e.g. limiter. This used to be a complex operation, taking 4 devices and quite some work. The C300 makes it simple, fast and easy to compress and limit a stereo full-mix, and the really cool thing is that it can be done on one device only. But off course you can choose any combination of processing you want: 


Digital Audio Detection
The C300 has an auto detection digital input feature. If you feed a signal to the digital input on the rear panel, the auto detection automatically kicks in, and you'll see the digital light indicator on the front panel light up. For optimal performance and ease of use, we've parallelized the analog outputs with the digital outputs. What that means is that if you plug into the digital inputs, you have an output on both the digital and the analog outputs.

Main Features C300

  • Dual engine compressor or gate
  • High resolution input and gain reduction metering
  • Precision gating - ultra fast and click free
  • Balanced 1/4" jack I/O
  • Threshold LED indication
  • True dual mono, stereo or serial operation
  • 16 source specific compression presets
  • 16 gate presets sidechain tailored to match input source
  • High-end studio quality
  • Instant operation - select source and go!
  • Full on gating and compression mode
  • Multi-band compressor for maximum transparency
  • Digital S/PDIF I/O - for digital console connection
  • Dual band expansion - for non-percussive sources
  • Parallel compression - add extra punch to your drums
  • Precision de-essing


Use the composite preset when you have a complex or many faceted signal like a full-mix signal. You can use it in compressor mode or in expander mode and it delivers true multi-band processing. That means that the C300 does the work for you - what was previously a complex operation has now become a simple operation thanks to the optimized composite preset.

Female Vocal
The female vocal preset is tailor made for high pitched vocals. Use it as a compressor or expander to bring out the sonic qualities of your taste. You'll immediately be amazed about the audible perfection you can attain with this multi-band preset.

Male Vocal
Male vocals can become a bit muddy due to their lower pitch. For optimal clarity and performance, you should apply this multi-band expander or compressor preset, which will bring out the true essence of your vocals.

Voc. Choir
If you want your backing vocals to stand out, while preserving the group like character that a band of singers have, the Voc. Choir preset will do the job. Use the compressor to control the gain of your source or use the expander to lower the noise floor. 

For pure speech and oratory signals, you should use the Speech preset. It is optimized for signals with a lesser dynamic fluctuation than what you'll find in e.g. vocals. The preset is a true multi-band preset in both compressor and expander mode. 

Bass Guitar
One thing that all bass players hate, is unintentional muddy-ness to their sound. The bass guitar preset will make sure that your bass is smack in the face. Apply this multi-band compressor or expander for great results on your bass sound. Now you can avoid the low frequencies triggering your compressor and retain the sonic qualities of your entire signal. 

Electric Guitar
Most often electric guitars have no problem getting through in the mix. But sometimes the sonic quality could be better, as the signal easily gets to loud or unwillingly distorted. The Electric Guitar preset works wonders as an expander/compressor in true multi-band mode.

Acoustic Guitar
Acoustic guitars have a subtleness that is delightful to listen to. Yet sometimes subtleness is interchangeable with a lesser presence in the mix. The multi-band Acoustic Guitar preset gives you a compressor that will preserve the original subtleness and evenness of your instruments tone, and an expander that will lower the noise floor. 

A horn section or for that matter a solo sax, can be quite a hassle to get just right in the mix. Apply the Horns/instrument preset and take advantage of a true multi-band expander/compressor. Use the compressor to align the difference in volume that you will find in e.g. a fast riff as compared to sustained tones.

Synthesizers, stage pianos and acoustic pianos have a huge pitch and dynamic range. That makes it genuinely hard to find just the right level for such instruments in the mix. For exceptional control and equality you should apply the Piano/keyb preset.

A full set of percussion instruments has a huge dynamic range that is very difficult to control. With the Percussive preset you can avoid any surprises that powerful and darker percussive instruments might dish out, giving you total control of the dynamic range. 

Tom toms span from small and higher pitched sounds to large and lower pitched sounds. Their relatively high attack and short decay times requires advanced mixing techniques. With the Toms preset you have a specially designed full-band expander/gate and compressor that will do the job.

Bass dm
The bass drum plays many different roles. Depending on the style of music, you want it to be hard and powerful, full and punchy, or fast and furious. The Bass dm preset is a full-band expander/gate and compressor, which will make it easy to fit your bass drum to your favorite style and control it in the mix.

Snare dm
You've probably already experimented with the sound of the snare drum, in the quest for that signature sound that some of the world's great drummers are known for. With the Snare dm preset you're on the fast track to making your snare drum sound exceptional. The preset can be used as either a full-band expander/gate or a full-band compressor/limiter. 

Sometimes you might get a bit of hiss from an incoming source, especially when external devices are linked into a larger setup or if different electronic formats or ground policies are connected like consumer standards connected to professional equipment. To counter that you should use the Hiss-Cut preset. It kicks in when there's no or next to no level on the input source, ensuring no noise in quiet pieces of the music. This preset is only featured in the gate/expander mode.

The De-ess1 preset removes all unwanted s's that some microphones or singers have so much trouble with. You can use the De-ess1 preset in compressor/limiter mode only. It aims at a certain frequency range and it perfectly counterparts the De-ess2 preset. 

As explained in the Hiss-cut preset description you can occasionally experience problems with hum in an incoming signal when you connect different types of devices. In quiet moments when the hum becomes a problem the hum can in a smooth and easy way be eliminated by using the hum-cut preset simply by adjusting the parameters. The preset can only be used in gate/expander mode. 

The De-ess2 preset removes all unwanted s's that some microphones or singers have so much trouble with. You can use the De-ess2 preset in compressor/limiter mode only. It aims at a certain frequency range and it perfectly counterparts the De-ess1 preset.