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About Charlie Sexton

From teenage heartthrob to blues-rock star to six-string slinger for the biggest names in rock history. Charlie Sexton has tried it all, and must be considered a full-blown guitar legend in his own right!

Charlie and his brother Will got off to a great start with their music careers when they were taught to play the guitar by the “Godfather of Austin Blues” W. C. Clark as young unmoulded aspiring teenagers. Other local Austin musicians like Jimmie and Stevie Ray Vaughn helped Charlie develop his talents as a musician.

In 1985, at the age of only 16, Charlie’s first solo full-length debut album Pictures for Pleasure was released including the Top 20 hit single Beat’s So Lonely. Parallels to David Bowie were thrown at the teen idol and in 1987 those parallels shared a stage when Sexton occasionally opened for Bowie on his Glass Spider Tour.

Before reaching the tender age of 20, Sexton’s great skills as a guitarist were in huge demand and he became a popular session player, recording with legendary artist such as Ronnie Wood and Keith Richard of the Rolling Stones, Don Henley founding member of the Eagles, and Bob Dylan. During this period he followed up his debut-album with the self-titled album Charles Sexton, recorded at the age of 20!

During the late 80s and 90s, Charlie Sexton was a very busy man. He released an album with his brother under the band name Will and the Kill, contributed songs to various movie soundtrack including True Romance, Air America, and Thelma & Louise, formed the blues/rock band Arc Angels in 1992, next he formed the Charlie Sexton Sextet in 1995, and in the mean time Sexton continued to perform with other artist and appearing on notable albums as Lucinda Williams’ Car Wheels on a Gravel Road and Shawn Colvin’s Grammy-winning album A Few Small Repairs.

In 1999, Bob Dylan hired Sexton and he toured with Dylan until 2002 hailing praises of being one of Dylan’s best bands. They recorded a number of studio recordings, including Things Have Changed and the critically acclaimed album Love and Theft. Sexton then re-joined Dylan’s band in 2009-2012 and again in 2013 up until now.

Also in 2013 he joined Dave Matthews, Jakob Dylan and his own brother Will Sexton to form the band The Nauts and in 2014 Charlie Sexton played a role in the Golden Globe winning film Boyhood. Charlie Sexton has already had an amazing career and he will continue to amaze us in the future!

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