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Forward Thinking for a Blast from the Past

TC Electronic Classic450 bass amp front panel

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Classic bass tones are tough. You don't want to carry a ton of vintage gear around and  you don't want to resort to modeling either. You want something that sounds great, has the soul and vibe of yesteryear but the features modern bassists crave. Enter Classic450.

  • Vintage Tone Control
  • Spectra Comp™ - Per String Compression
  • TubeTone - Shockingly Realistic

Time Is On Your Side

The Vintage Tone Control Knob sweeps through voicings ranging from yesteryear to modern day starting with the first rock'n'roll sounds of the early 50s to the rebellious attitude of the 60s funk/motown through to the a roaring rock tone of the 70s.

The more 'modern vintage' side of things consists of a disco vibe of the late 70s through the more poppy vibe of the 80s and ending with today's modern-sounding low end thunder.

Harnessing Tone

Bass players, prepare to step into the spotlight! Our innovative SpectraComp compression makes sure you punch through any mix with unparalleled clarity and definition. A regular compressor tends to be dominated by the lower string, but Classic450's SpectraComp technology allows virtually 'per string' multi-band compression that evens out the compression across all strings.

Tool for Tone

The drive section in Classic450 is unique in the sense that it emulates both the pre amp and the power amp stages of a classic tube amp, resulting in a drive that is very flexible and adaptive from subtle to extreme, but always sounds musical and natural.

Classic450's Resume

  • Vintage Tone Control knob
  • TubeTone™
  • SpectraComp™
  • Tuner out


TC Electronic Classic 450 bass amp rear panel

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Artists Using Classic450