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About Cory Churko

Cory has played with a wide variety of artists, from Kelly Clarkson, Shania Twain, Elton John to Britney Spears.

He has enjoyed a multi-faceted career in music for over 20 years as a producer, engineer, songwriter and musician. His talents as an award winning multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, audio engineer and digital editor are the reason why he is one of the most sought after and valued people in the entertainment industry.  Over the course of his career he has worked with such artists as Shania Twain, Kelly Clarkson, Elton John, Britney Spears, The Backstreet Boys, The Corrs and many others. Churko now owns his own music production company in Los Angeles, California, called C Squared Productions.

Behind the scenes, Churko has worked as a mix engineer and programmer side by side with music production giants like Mutt Lange, Mike Shipley, Ron Fair, Rob Cavallo, Matthew Wilder, John Frields, Mark Endert and Ron Aniello. 


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