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About Daniel Donato

Daniel Donato is nothing short of a guitar prodigy, and at the tender age of 20 he is currently seen as one of the hottest names in the Nashville Country scene where he’s currently playing with the Don Kelley Band.

Born in 1995, Daniel Donato is spearheading an entirely new breed of guitarists who is introduced to the glorious world of rock through computer games. Through Guitar Hero, Daniel picked up an interest for the sound of classic rock giants like Led Zeppelin, Queen and Guns N’ Roses, and immediately after hearing Gn’R’s smash-hit “Paradise City” an inner light went on – his love for music had officially been lit!

Ever since then Daniel Donato has put in the work to master the music of his heroes, practising absurd amounts of hours to nail every detail from tones to licks. But what started out as a love for classic rock quickly turned to a passion for country after being invited to sit in with a local Nashville band during a live gig at the age of 14. That was the first time he ever played a Telecaster, and the experience of playing the Tele for the first time and playing that kind of music just resonated deeply with him. Then after watching JD Simo play with the Don Kelly Band there was no turning back. This was what he wanted to do with his life – play music for a living!

Now, Daniel Donato is filling the shoes of his heroes and leaving his own mark on the Nashville scene as he has taken the spot as lead guitarist for the Don Kelley Band. This band is seen as the main incubator for the best guitarists Nashville has to offer since prominent names like Brent Mason, Johnny Hiland, Guthrie Trapp and JD Simo have once stood where Daniel is standing now.

The Don Kelley Band is a gig that lets Daniel decide where he wants to grow as a player, and ever since joining; Daniel has just gone from strength to strength. So much so that Daniel’s next goal is to finally get his own music down on tape for the world to hear.

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