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Dave Catching stands as a true godfather of stoner and desert rock. The list of artists he has worked with through the years is endless, but he is most famous for wielding the guitar with bands such as Queens of the Stoneage and Eagles of Death Metal

Dave Catching is best known for his work with The Queens of the Stone Age and The Eagles of Death Metal , but he has been playing with many different bands in genres such as Desert Rock, Stoner Rock and Garage Rock Revival. Well, most kinds of ‘Rock’ actually. Dave grew up in a musical family and his brother, Jack, taught him to play the guitar. Over the years, Dave played with tons of bands, and one day he was offered to go to Europe on a tour as guitar tech for a band called Kyuss. He became close friends with the band, and when the band broke up a few years later, Joshua Homme that played with Kyuss and Dave started playing and recording together as Queens of the Stone Age. After three years, Dave went on and focused on playing with 'earthlings?', which was a project that had been started years back. Later, in 2003, Dave started playing with Eagles of Death Metal. Along the way, Dave also established a recording studio with a friend and sound-engineer, Fred Drake, that used to record his bands. They own the ‘Rancho de la Luna’ studio in Jushua Tree, California, so Dave is also into studio gear and producing music. We asked Dave about his TC Electronic products. “My TC 2290 Digital Delay is always in line,” Dave says. “Back in 1993, one of the first pieces of gear that Fred and I ever bought was a used 2290. I use it a lot on vocals, although I do love it for guitar and keys just as much. It’s always crystal clear, always sounds great and it’s so reliable – never had a problem. I seriously love it, and since it's been reliable for so long, it lead me to try many other TC Electronic products. I have never been let down, and all of my TC products find use at my studio and for live performances. For instance, I use TC reverbs and my RH450 bass rig a lot in the studio. Plus, I have all the TonePrint and Nova pedals, and I use them during almost every session for guitar, bass, keys, etc. Someone always finds a cool use for them. When it comes to my live setup, I just love the new Flashback Delay and the amazing PolyTune tuner never leaves my board.” So, how about an overall approach to playing and recoding music? “My overall approach is to get everything nicely mic'ed up, set a nice vibe and just go with the flow,” Dave says. “The vibe always wins over the technical side. If you can achieve both, that's the best, of course, but first of all, you want everyone comfortable and into it. Also, I love experimentation, and I really enjoy bringing out all the pedals and plugging them in to find sonic landscapes that might otherwise go uncharted.”

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