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About Dave Murray

Dave Murray is one of the earliest members of the legendary heavy metal group Iron Maiden. His galloping guitar-riffs, aggressive arpeggios and levitating legato runs can be heard on all of the group’s albums.

For more that 35 years Dave Murray has been one of the driving forces behind Iron Maiden - the group that in retrospect stands as pioneers of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal - all the way from the time of their initial success in the early 1980s, over the classic years with "The Number of the Beast", "Piece of Mind", "Powerslave", "Live After Death" and "Seventh Son of a Seventh Son", to their latest album "The Final Frontier".

Dave's sound is highly recognizable, primarily based on the legato style solo variety. Through the years this has been a part of Maidens trademark sound and can be heard on songs all the way back from the first self-titled album, such as "Phantom of the Opera", to songs from "The Final Frontier".

Dave's mainstay guitar is a US Fender Stratocaster equipped with and a Floyd Rose tremolo system. He primarily uses Seymour Duncan Hot Rails and JB Jnr pickups. He gets his aggressively distorted sound from the Marshall EL34 100/100 Rack Mount Power Amp and a pair of 300w Marshall 1960-cabinets. In addition to this Murray uses the TC Electronic G-Force System live and in the studio - for that little extra something.


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