DBMax is a Level Maximizer and Audio Enhancement processor for use in digital transmission, linking, webcast and radio STL applications.

High resolution and high sample rate processing prevents unwanted distortion and listening fatigue from being generated, artifacts often associated with comparable processors.

The 5-band section in DBMax can be combined with Automatic Gain Control, Dynamic and Static Stereo Enhancement, Dynamic and Static Eq and other tools for maximizing audio impact and creating a signature sound. Balanced and unbalanced AES/EBU I/O is standard, and outputs are always active. Sample rate conversion can be invoked when using digital inputs. Analog I/O is standard and outputs are always active.

The 24 bit converters are scaled in the analog domain, with scaling under preset control, to minimize noise and maximize headroom under all operating conditions. DBMax can be remotely controlled using GPI or RS485 serial inputs.

Main Features

Maximum Level
Maintain maximum level and simultaneously eliminate overshoots.

  • Maximum efficiency: 5-band compression
  • Limiting: Sample accurate, distortion reduced Limiter
  • Multi Slope: Add gain at mid-levels without squashing the transients

Optimum Quality
The DBMAX employ precise calculations at a full processing rate, in order to keep aliasing distortion low and audio bandwidth high.

Audio quality has been our primary concern when designing the DBMax - hence you can even cascade several units without any sonic penalties.

  • Bandwidth: Processing at up to 48kHz sample rate for 24kHz audio
  • Resolution: Processing of all 24bits of an AES/EBU Digital signal
  • A/D-D/A converters: 24bit resolution with analog pre-scaling

Output Formats
AES/EBU, S/PDIF and Analog outputs are all active simultaneously.

Digital outputs may be dithered to resolutions between 8 and 24bits.

Analog and Digital outputs may have emphasis applied individually.

Gain Transfer
Example of gain transfer and parameters using DBMax.

The DBMax comes loaded with 60 presets for a variety of different applications.

DBMax Internal Structure
Four selectable Insert algorithms surround the multi-band structure.
The digital output fader may be remotely set via voltage control.


The heart of the DBMAX is the most powerful dynamics tool you've ever heard:

A five-band Compressor with adjustable slopes and cross-over frequencies. An advanced Look-ahead Delay can be used to reduce dynamic distortion and transient overshoots.

You can easily change the DBMAX multiband structure from one to five bands.

Take control over individual band parameters or adjust them in groups.

Find a Preset you like and adjust the More / Less master compression control


Properly used, multiband compression is often a more desirable form of EQ. With the DBMAX you can do both.

Use the multiband Parametric EQ to adjust the spectral content of your material and preserve or enhance its transparency and energy.

Brickwall Limiter

Both the five-band and wide-band Limiters can be used simultaneously.

The five-band Limiter uses look-ahead delay, and each band may be engaged individually.

A Brickwalll Limiter at Insert 4 is a sample accurate system including distortion canceling look-ahead delay. If desired Soft Clipping may also be added.

50µs, 75µs or J17 emphasis can be used as a reference for final limiting. Afterwards the emphasis may even be removed individually on the analog and/or digital outputs. By removing emphasis after the limiting process, transmission lines using data compression perform better.


Based upon know-how from transmission engineers around the world, the Wizard will produce optimum settings for you.

Answer a few simple questions, play your typical program material, and let the Wizard function take care of the rest. No matter if you're processing for high quality digital transmission or Internet audio, you're set in a matter of minutes. From this point, you can start building your own unique station identity by taking advantage of the more than 200 uncensored parameters inside the DBMax.


For alignment and signal check, a range of precision tools is included:

  • Peak Hold Meter with 0.1dB resolution
  • Surround Meter showing L, C, R, S levels
  • Phase Correlation Meter with time-base
  • Internal Headroom Metering
  • Oscillator for calibration 30Hz-15kHz at levels from -30dBfs to 0dBfs
  • Digital Status Tool lets you monitor input status and decide how status bits are handled through the machine
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We've taken part in research studies and the definition of international broadcast standards right from the start, donating technology which has become a crucial part in new, open international standards.


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