Sigur Rós Reverb-TonePrint von Jónsi

When we recently met up with Sigur Rós front man "Jónsi" at the legendary Roskilde Festival to create his signature TonePrint it was long overdue, seeing how the unmistakable sound of Sigur Rós always has relied on TC reverbs. With this TonePrint Jónsi wanted to achieve a long, slowly modulating reverb that is perfect for creating mysterious sonic landscapes. If you are going for that Sigur Rós sound, here’s the real thing!


Klangbeispiele von Jónsi

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Jónsi creating "Sigur Rós" TonePrint for Hall of Fame reverb pedal

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Jón "Jónsi" Þór Birgisson is an exceptional musician, whose signature move is playing guitar with a cello bow. This TonePrint is mainly created for that type of playing. Before anyone shouts out “niche!” let us reassure you: It is not necessary to own a cello-bow to make good use of this TonePrint. Actually there are a lot of alternative ways you can achieve that bow-effect.

Obviously an E-bow would work incredibly well, or, perhaps, a volume-pedal. If you own a TC Flashback Delay or similar you could also dial in a reverse delay in front of this Hall Of Fame-TonePrint to create some really outlandish sounds!

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