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Digital Konnekt x32

Digitalkonnektx 32-front

Digital patchbay, format converter and FireWire audio interface
Digital Konnekt x32 is every studio's missing link, integrating digital equipment with computer-based recording setups. Digital Konnekt x32 is the utility product fitting the needs of project studios and other digital setups in need of a 'Swiss army knife" in digital signal handling. It features FireWire connection to and from your DAW and it allows efficient routing and conversion between multiple digital formats and sample rates, as well as providing extra features such as analog outputs, scene recall, convenient monitoring and front panel lock.

All the Tools - One Toolbox
Up until now, the pro audio market has only seen single function units such as format and sample rate converters, patchbays and audio interfaces offering digital signal handling. Never before have these essential functions been incorporated in a single platform linking your entire fleet of digital devices to your DAW. 

Make your favorite hardware the heart of your DAW
With Digital Konnekt and the new Integrator plug-in, you can now utilize your trusted and favorite digital hardware tools within your DAW system!

Featuring TC's plug-in streaming technology, the Integrator plug-in (VST and AU) facilitates seamless integration of all external units with your recording setup; once connected, adding the unique sound of your Reverb4000 (or any other digital external hardware unit) is just a mouse click away. And with the built-in latency roundtrip measuring feature and your DAWs latency compensation, your projects will not suffer from latency introduced by the external hardware.

Digital Konnekt x32: Patchbay, Format Converter, Audio Interface and hardware integrator!