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Ditto Looper - 10 things to Know

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Ditto Looper Gold is an exclusive, limited run of our game-changing, award-winning hit Ditto Looper. And, to celebrate the success we've made this little miracle available in the color that defines a true champion: gold.

Included is a certificate of authenticity hand signed by the head of our guitar Department, Tore Mogensen. Like the original Ditto, this is the looper you try once and love for life.

We've taken all that is good about loopers, trimmed away all the non-essential, mood-killing tech hoopla and ended up with a looper that is intuitive, tons of fun, sounds great and doesn't break the bank - but looks like a million bucks!

  • Designed by guitarists, for guitarists
  • Super intuitive
  • Great sound

All That Glitters Is Gold

Ditto Looper Gold is a 1:1 copy of the original Ditto Looper, which was designed from the ground up with guitarists in mind. Hey, we play too, so it's what made sense to us. We made sure Ditto Looper Gold takes up minimal space on your board, but commands maximum wow-factor and still has the essential 'make your guitar-heart jump' features such as True Bypass and Analog-Dry-Through making sure your tone stays uncolored.

One Knob To Rule Them All

Ditto Looper Gold simply loops. Well. Its 'one knob' button may seem like a minimalist approach, but all the essentials are there: record, undo/redo, stop and erase are all accessed via different foot-commands that always make sense, whether you are building loops, changing from one part to the next (we're looking at you, live performers) or adding layers to a song.


The Gold Standard

If you know our products, you are used to things sounding great. We made absolutely sure this also goes for Ditto Looper Gold, so the loops produced are in 24 bit uncompressed high quality audio. Why settle for less if you love tone, right? Right!

True to Tone Logo

True to Tone

You love tone, so do we, and our design philosophy testifies to that. With optimized headroom and True Bypass, this pedal guarantees optimal tonal integrity and zero loss of tone. And, no matter if the pedal is on or off your precious dry sound is always passed through the pedal unharmed in all it's pure analog glory due to an Analog-Dry-Through.

Backstage Pass - All Access

The essence of Ditto Looper Gold is a looper built by guitarists, for guitarists. High quality, super easy and fun to use and with features dedicated to the needs of guitarists, we simply can’t wait to see what you guys will do with this thing - we think it’s gonna rock!


Ditto Looper Gold provides 5 minutes of looping time - which is more than you’ll ever need. Realistically, how many songs do you wanna have that are 10 hours long and still expect to get booked?

Dream big

Ditto Looper Gold has an ultra-small footprint, meaning you’ll always be able to fit one! It takes up almost zero space on your pedalboard, saving you precious realestate *cough* more TC pedals *cough*.


Yeah, it’s great for quickly getting rid of parts you are not feeling, but we found many people actually use this to change parts during a live performance, say from verse to chorus - Ditto works great in either scenario.

Loop Level

It’s the only knob on there, and allows you to set the level of your loops (surprise!). This means your loops can serve as a subtle background to what you are doing or you can turn this up for a mind-blowing performance.

True Bypass

When Ditto Looper Gold is bypassed, it's REALLY off, and has zero influence on your tone, making sure you have optimum clarity and zero loss of high-end.

Analog Dry–Through

Ditto Looper Gold always lets your ‘dry sound’ pass without ever converting it to digital, keeping your original tone just that - original and purely as you intended it coming through with zero latency.

Go on, play with yourself

Can’t get enough of playing with yourself? Ditto allows unlimited overdubs, so do your worst!

A Looper To Remember

Ditto Looper Gold stores your loops when you power down or disconnect the power plug. This means absolutely zero worries, as the music you’ve created stays stored and is ready to go when you need it - be it just jamming on ideas, rehearsal, live performance or studio.

How Do You Ditto?

Ditto Looper makes looping as easy as 1-2-3. No hassle or needlessly complicated stuff, Ditto Looper is boiled down to the essentials and makes control intuitive yet flexible, so guitarists can focus on what matters most: playing and performing. You press once to record, press once again to play the loop. Press once to add another layer of sounds (something you can keep repeating until you run out of ideas). You press and hold to Undo a layer and press and hold again to Redo. Press twice to stop, after which you can press and hold to clear the loop. Ah, if only life were this simple.



Ditto Looper Quick Start Guide

Ditto Looper’s Resume

  • Exclusive, limited run in must-have gold finish
  • The guitar player's looper - made for guitarists by guitarists
  • Dirt simple looping - and nothing but looping
  • True bypass and Analog-Dry-Through 
  • 5 minutes of looping 
  • Undo / Redo function
  • Unlimited overdubs 
  • 24 bit uncompressed high quality audio
  • Ultra-small footprint


Paul Gilbert (Mr. Big) demoing the Ditto Looper

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Ditto Looper Gold Gallery

Artists Using Ditto Looper


Guitar World
by Paul Riario

Ditto Looper offers a no-nonsense feature set in a pedal about the size of a humbucking pickup. With five minutes of recording time, unlimited overdubs and uncompromised audio quality, the Ditto Looper has everything you need for fast, fun and fuss-free looping.

Check out the full review by Guitar World
Guitar Player
by Barry Cleveland

The combination of true-bypass switching, an analog-dry-through signal path and 24-bit uncompressed audio results in sound quality all round. And while having to record, playback, overdub, undo, redo, stop, and erase functions all operated from a single footswitch may appear daunting, in practice it's a breeze - and you really can overdub indefinitely without the pedal freaking out. Wow!

Premier Guitar
by Charles Saufley

If there’s a prize for musical return in relation to operational simplicity and expense, it’s hard to imagine a more worthy contender than the Ditto Looper—ever. And if you’ve ever been on the fence about looping, you may have just run out of excuses for taking the leap.

Check out the full review by Premier Guitar
Bass Guitar Magazine
by Chris Hanby

As the Ditto would fit into even the tiniest space on any pedalboard, you can now easily include a great looper into your setup without the need for a team of technicians. TC Electronic has managed to take a fresh approach to loop sampling with the Ditto. By doing away with overcomplicated design and focusing on the usability of the product, they have produced a tool that will enable us all to experiment more freely.

by Simon Bradley

Thanks to the 24-bit uncompressed audio processing, we overlaid 23 loops without any discernible loss of playback quality, and, because simplicity is the key, we reckon the maximum looping time of five minutes is just about enough... With the combination of sound quality and ease of use, we can't help but be impressed with the Ditto Looper. Why make life difficult?

Check out the full review by Guitarist
by Rick Graham

The Ditto Looper is a fantastic pedal - and don't just take my word for it. Everyone in the office was blown away by this latest pedal from TC. Intuitive, innovative and incredibly inspiring to use, it offers a gateway to the glorious world of looping. This one is simply superb - wonderful value for money and another triumph for TC Electronic!

Check out the full review by iGuitar
Total Guitar
by Michael Brown

With true bypass and analog dry-through, your guitar tone remains unaffected by all the digital tech. If you want a petite, easy to use looper at a killer price, it's gotta be the Ditto.

Best Guitar Effects
by Gabrial Tanaka

The TC Electronic Ditto Looper is an instant classic. While other companies continue to update products every few years and complicate looping functionality, the Ditto Looper will likely remain an essential staple on the market. Its ease of use is second to none. It can’t be overstated how simple this pedal is to use. And most importantly, it sounds absolutely fantastic.

Check out the full review by Best Guitar Effects
Ultimate Guitar
by Jimmy Leslie

It's so small! Kudos to TC Electronic for packaging a pro quality looper in a box not much bigger than a Pez dispenser. If you're looking for something small and simple, especially for practice purposes or road convenience, the Ditto is damn attractive. The low price point makes it even more alluring.

Check out the full review by Ultimate Guitar
Guitarist & Bass
by Patrick Dietsch

Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.’ (Antoine de Saint Exupéry.Terre des Hommes). These sublime words are a true description of what the Danish brand TC Electronic has achieved with its Ditto Looper, which will easily fit in your pocket and is a real masterpiece of simplicity for a maximum of possibilities.

Guitar Part
by Guillaume Ley

What about the sound? Perfect, transparent, high definition (24 bit uncompressed), always clean and true to your gear. The best remains the smoothness of the switch, and the reaction time of the pedal. There is no latency, which allows for creating perfect loops. This is a killer in all its beauty. Genious simplicity, and high-end results. The top!

by Red Led

Ditto offers 5 minutes of loops, an unlimited number of overdubs, a solid but small chassis and a sound that respects your instrument. For guitarists looking to have some fun at home playing around with a looper, this is the one, one, one, one..!

Check out the full review by Audiofanzine
Gitarre & Bass
by Thomas Jeschonnek

Ditto Looper simply loops. The audio quality is excellent and all essential functionalities are readily available. The 'less is more' approach works really well, and the intuitive controls, feature set, pristine audio quality and small dimensions makes Ditto perfect for guitarists.

Bass Quarterly
by Ingo Spannhoff

Ditto looper is a pure looper, with intuitive operation and no compromises in sound quality. Ditto leaves your tone intact, a feature so important it cannot be expressed in money.

Bass Frontiers
by Ty Campbell

The Ditto Looper, a big guy in a little package that does it’s job, and does it well. Hours of fun can be had and great music can be created with the Ditto Looper.

Check out the full review by Bass Frontiers
by Thomas Dill

The really big advantage is the sound quality, and the price is absolutely justified. Anyone looking for a simple no-frills looper with good sound reproduction, the Ditto should definitely be of interest.

Check out the full review by Bonedo
Guitar Tone Talk
by Tom Kay

In my opinion the TC Electronics Ditto Looper is the one looper to rule them all...This pedal can be tons of fun and I’ve spent hours with mine. It can also work as a great tool for writing songs on your own and figuring out parts to songs. I can’t praise this pedal enough. If you are in the market for a loop pedal, look no further.

Check out the full review by Guitar Tone Talk


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