• Ditto X2 Looper


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    Changes in version 1.3.02

    This firmware update fixes a potential issues with Ditto X2 and Ditto Stereo Looper's HD mode stops working and unit is no longer recognized as a usb hardisk. (for file import/export)  - fixed

    Changes in version 1.2.00
    • additional support for 16 bit audio files (aiff and wav). For better compatibility with existing DAWs you will now find 2 additional 16 bit/ 44.1kHz audio files in the Ditto's track folder when storing your loops.
    • level management for stored audio files. Exported Files will be normalized when exporting them to your computer to make it easier to edit them further in the DAW of your choice
    • enhanced protection for buffer underuns. This is a new safety mechanism to deal with "bad blocks" of the flash RAM memory chips.
    Ditto X2 Looper Software Mac - Version 1.3.02 - 2.09 MB
    Released: Friday, November 3, 2017
    Ditto X2 Looper Software Windows - Version 1.2.00 - 2.71 MB
    Released: Monday, June 16, 2014
    + Installation - Installation

    To install the software update proceed as follows:

    • download the Ditto X2 firmware update installer for your operating system from the Tc electronic website and store it on your computer's harddisk
    • connect your Ditto X2 with an USB cable to your computer
    • get your Ditto X2 into Boot mode by inserting the power jack while holding down the Loop switch (the Loop switch LED will turn green indicating that your pedal is ready for software upload)
    • open the installer and select your X2 from the output device dropdown menu as seen in the screenshot below (note: If you are using Windows XP your X2 will be listed as "usb audio device")

      Ditto X2 Looper Installation Screen
    • press the (green) update button to start the firmware upload and wait until the progress bar has reached 100%.

      your pedal will then automatically reboot and is ready to use.