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DVR2 - Digital Vintage Reverb

DVR2 PowerCore

The DVR2 Digital Vintage Reverb is another great professional reverb ported from the revered System 6000. It is available as a plug-in for PowerCore. 

TC Electronic has put much effort into preserving the qualities of the original processor, including sweet modulation, spectral balance, spaciousness and saturation. But not only is DVR2 the most precise EMT250 emulation up to now, it also emulates its predecessor in the way parameters interact for different settings. DVR2 comes with customizable presets, focus fields for tweaking and navigation, and a built-in preset converter allowing seamless import of DVR2 presets from System 6000.

With the DVR2 for PowerCore, it is now possible to save processing power on the System 6000 for other tasks - the choice is yours. 

The vintage reset function produces a sound very close to a well preserved EMT250, which is still a favorite on lead vocal in studios fortunate enough to own one. The high resolution parameters allow for lower noise, extension of bandwidth, and control of the amount of chorusing. 

Main Features

  • A true System 6000 reverb for your DAW - It's the real thing.
  • Available as a plug-in for PowerCore.
  • The most precise EMT250 emulation. With the Vintage Reset function you can even emulate its artifacts
  • Parameter interaction and editing range are emulated from the EMT250
  • Choose between high resolution parameters with lowered noise floor or a vintage reset function for the EMT250 sound.
  • Focus Fields for easy preset tweaking and navigation
  • Built-in preset converter - seamlessly import DVR2 presets from System 6000.
  • Save processing power on the System 6000 for other tasks.
  • The PowerCore version works with VST, AU or RTAS compatible audio applications. PC or Mac