EQ/Delay 8 Original

EQ/Delay 8

EQ/Delay-8 is a multi-channel EQ and Delay algorithm, with build in flexibility to cover several different applications and I/O-format setups.
The EQ features a four-band parametric EQ with high- and low-pass filters switchable between Notch, Parametric, Shelving and Cut filters. The needle sharp notch filter has a range down to 0.01 octave and the shelving filters has a variable slope, ranging from gentle 3 dB/oct over 6 and 9 to 12dB/oct. Cut filters are switchable between 12dB/oct maximum flat amplitude (Butterworth) or flat group delay (Bessel) types. The parametric equalizer features a natural and well defined bandwidth behavior at all gain and width settings.

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