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Hi-Performance EQ

EQsat Custom PowerCore

EQsat Custom is a very clean sounding and carefully crafted EQ-model for any application including mastering. 

The processor provides 5 bands with 3 parametric ones and 2 additional shelving bands. The frequency response display gives instant feedback on the applied equalization curve. And what's more, the unique saturation emulation can be activated to create that warm, analogue sound whenever desired.

Main Features

  • Based upon the EQ algorithm from the Finalizer 96k
  • SoftSat™ for warm, analog sound 
  • 3 stereo parametric bands with Frequency, Gain and Bandwidth controls
  • Hi and Lo Band with Frequency, Gain and Slope controls 
  • Boost/Cut up to 18dB per band 
  • Boost/Cut frequencies with pinpoint accuracy 
  • 24/96 processing 
  • 3 stereo / 4 mono EQsat per DSP in 48 kHz