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Ethan Farmer AKA EBassMan is one of the most confident bass players you’re ever likely to meet. His talent and musicality speak for themselves, but it’s his charisma and personality that makes this cat so special. While he cut his teeth on gospel, this guy oozes funk from every single pore!

When you hear Ethan Farmer play you probably won’t be thinking about gospel, even though his first 10 years in the music business was in the family gospel quartet – The Amazing Farmer Singers. Since then he’s branched out, and like a chameleon he adapts to any style of music while still maintaining his own unique sound. A sexy, funky sound that can be adapted to any style of playing and accompany any artist. This ability has led to working with some of the biggest stars in the business, like Lionel Richie, Janet Jackson, Christina Aguilera, Backstreet Boys and many more.

Ethan Farmer grew up in Chicago and a lot of his early experience came in playing with the family gospel group in churches around Chicago. When he was 16 he had played shows all over the United States with his family quartet. It was also around this time, he started to think about other genres. In 1998 he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music. He was encouraged to see many of his idols playing the clubs there. Going as often as possible, grabbing any opportunity to jam with the veterans is what ultimately got him his break. He has played with hundreds of artists since then – but when he can, he still plays the small local clubs. Both to hone his craft and to help young aspiring artists with advice or mentorship.

Currently he plays a lot with his own project with Chip Shearin, The Avengers. If you like bass players going all out, you should probably give that a listen. “Bass in your face all over the place,” is how Farmer describes the project. Ethan Farmer’s TC rig is made up of BH800 bass amp and a couple of RS210 cabinets. “I only play stuff that I love. I love the sound, I love the tone, I love what they do for my playing.”

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