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Fabrik C - channel strip par excellence

Fabrik C PowerCore

The Fabrik C is a full-blown EQ, de-esser and 3-band/full band compressor in one single plug-in - in short, the Fabrik C has all the qualities of a channel strip. With the Meta Intuitive Navigation Technology (MINT™) you have total control of all the parameters, using only a few dedicated knobs. The EQ is a 4-band parametric EQ with high/low-pass filters - choose between 4 different filter types. Based on no-nonsense design, the de-esser is based on one fader that gives you total control. 

Unlike other compressors, the Fabrik C comes with an inbuilt 3-band intelligent compressor. But of course you can also choose the more common technique and switch to full-band compressor mode. Use the Fabrik C as an insert on your channels - it's probably one of the best and most optimized tools you can use for that job.

Compressor Applications

You might wonder which type of compressor "style" you should use on your audio - the 3-band or the full-band compressor. An overall "rule" is that if you're working with a source that has wide frequency ranges with large peaks in specific areas of the entire frequency, you might want to use the 3-band mode. If on the other hand you're working with audio that is within a small frequency area, like a trumpet section or a group of backup singers, you can with great advantage use the full-band mode. Let us dive into a few more specific application scenarios to give you an idea of what you can achieve with the different compression styles.

3-band compression on Bass

If you where to do a 3-band compression on a bass, this would allow the higher frequencies to pass through, while you add compression to lower frequencies. What this gives you is better control and longer sustain, and a more punchy bass with all the overtones intact.

3-band compression on grouped sources

If you've grouped several sources together and want to do a "global" compression, the 3-band mode can be very effective. It will give you more transparency in your overall mix as you can do independent compression to each of the three frequency bands.

Full-band compression on vocals

You probably know that "in-your-face" kind of airy vocal that you hear on some tracks? Well, the way to get that effect is by using a full-band compressor on you vocal track, slowing the attack time, and speeding up the release time. It's pretty simple when you know how to do it.

Full-band compression on Guitar

It's amazing how some tonal instruments can get a very percussive quality to them when the right type of effect is applied. Using a full-band compressor on a rhythm guitar will give you a sound that is sharp, sweaty, funky and really emphasizes the rhythmic and percussive qualities of your track.

Main Features

  • Novel UI design - built-in MINT™ (Meta Intuitive Navigation Technology)
  • Three sections with TC technology: EQ, de-esser and compressor
  • Intuitive and easy control over dedicated parameters - Instant gratification
  • 4-band parametric EQ
  • Scalable de-esser
  • 3-band/full band compressor
  • Control many parameters with few knobs
  • Based on proven and award winning TC Technology
  • 24/96 supported