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Fabrik R - 4 new TC reverbs in one

Fabrik R PowerCore

Fabrik R combines four new TC algorithms in one single plug-in. Thanks to the the Meta Intuitive Navigation Technology (MINT™) it is a breeze to find the sound you're hearing inside your head. If you want to apply a "live" vibe to your vocals and instruments, use the Live Reverb. 

For vocals that need an even "larger" quality, choose the Hall Reverb. For that sound of the past as well as for drums and percussion, apply the Plate Reverb. If you're working with guitars try the Club Reverb, which also works great with vocals. 

Within each reverb you'll find it very easy to adjust any setting to your own taste. You won't waste time with nitty-gritty preset adjustments - all you really have to worry about, is using your ears.

Main Features

  • Novel UI design - Inbuilt MINT™ (Meta Intuitive Navigation Technology)
  • Four new shining TC reverbs: FabrikLive, FabrikHall, FabrikPlate, FabrikClub
  • Intuitive and easy control over dedicated parameters - Instant gratification
  • Exceptionally good for vocal, drums & percussion and instrument type source material
  • Perfectly emulates that illustrious "live" ambience.
  • Control many parameters with few knobs
  • Based on proven and award winning TC Technology
  • 24/96 supported