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The Versatile MIDI Footswitch
The G-Minor is a multi purpose MIDI Foot Controller that sends and receives MIDI information. The G-Minor will control any MIDI device using MIDI Control and Program Changes and when used with the TC Electronic G-Major and G-Force* Guitar Processors; certain specific features are available.

When used with the G-Major or the G-Force* you can:
  • Tap Global Tempo
  • Switch Effect blocks on and off via MIDI Control Changes
  • Select presets via Program Changes
  • Mute the Outputs for silent tuning
  • Switch channels on your combo or preamp via the G-Major Relay Switch function
  • Use the Preset level function on the G-Major e.g. for instant change of level for solos etc.
  • Any other functions that are controlled via a MIDI CC or a Program Change command
*Furthermore several G-Minors can be "daisy-chained" giving you more "on the fly" options.