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TC Electronic G Natural Acoustic Guitar Effects Processor

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We love acoustic guitars - they are the purest expression of a guitarists creativity - the wood, the strings and that's it: natural beauty. G-Natural is a unit that seeks to enhance the purity of your sounds, your creativity and your performance. We are proud to present the first multi FX processor that's dedicated to acoustic guitarists!


  • 10 high quality TC guitar effects
  • Specifically tuned for acoustic guitar
  • Built-in high quality Mic preamp for miking your guitar

Leave No One UnEffected

The acoustic guitar has a beautiful sound, but the right effect can really lift things to a whole other realm. With 10 high quality TC effects specifically tuned for acoustic guitar, G-Natural is the one box your performance can't be without.

Aimed at Unplugged

The effects in G-Natural (modulation effects, reverbs, compression and delays) are specifically tuned for acoustic guitar. No flashy things (though you can get pretty crazy if you want to), just aimed at enhancing the unique voice of your instrument. Always natural and always beautiful.

Mic Check

G-Natural features both a built in mic preamp and standard instrument inputs so whether you are using a piezo-system or miking your guitar up, G-Natural likes both equally.

Backstage Pass - All Access

G-Natural has a slew of features that makes control easy and precise - and it's all functioning beautifully for acoustic guitar from the get-go, so you don't have to spend your time tweaking if that's not your thing - it just works.

G–Natural EQs

G-Natural has separate EQs for the Instrument inputs and the Mic/Pre input.

G–Natural Compressors

G-Natural has separate compressors for the Instrument Inputs and the Mic/ Pre input.

Modulation Effects

These are a wide range of sounds from chorus to vibrato that really add a sense of class and serenity to your sound.

Noise Gate

A nice little gate that helps you tighten up the sound and keep unwanted noise under control.


TC Electronic is known for it's world class delays and we’ve been adding them to acoustics for years in a studio setting. For G-Natural they were tuned specifically for guitar and they sound absolutely killer.


Just a touch of reverb can do wonders for your sounds, and we've made sure that all the TC classics are here. From beautiful and breathtakingly natural sounding halls and rooms to classic vintage plates an springs these are guaranteed to add an edge of beauty to your sound.

Pre-set To Awesome

G-Natural features 30 factory presets aimed at a wide range of acoustic playing and gives you 30 presets for storing sounds as well.


G-Natural features an expression pedal input, giving you control over effects parameters. It's the perfect way of control the effects blend, making sure the pure voice of your guitar always comes through.


G-Natural features an onboard tuner that is accurate and fast - so you spend minimum time tuning and maximum time playing.

The ins– and outs

There’s room for all kinds of guitars, wether it be semi-acoustics or acoustics (there’s a line in as well for hotter signals from fx a mic), a pair of balanced outputs and even MIDI and digital I/O.

Did You Know?

G-Natural’s mic pre can also be used for vocal performance. Just put G-Natural in song mode and you automatically get a separate vocal strip EQ and compressor block.

Creative Control

G-Natural is specifically tuned for acoustic guitarists - that means that making changes to sounds is easy, intuitive and profound. Whether you want to change presets or turning effects on/off individually.

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

For each effect type, 4 variations can be made instantly at the press of a button. It’s great for altering sounds on the fly or dipping your toes into unknown territory.

G-Natural's Resume

  • Floor-based multi effects processor
  • 10 high quality TC effects
  • Tuned for acoustic guitar
  • Mic preamp for vocals or guitar
  • Built-in tuner and boost
  • Road-ready and portable design


Artists Using G-Natural


Premier Guitar
by John Bohlinger

In short, any hardcore acoustic act would love this pedal. It gives you control of your sound, tuning and muting capabilities, plus fun FX and volume for solos.

Check out the full review by Premier Guitar
Performing Musician
by Bob Thomas

So, I’ve bought myself a G-Natural and, if you play an acoustic stringed instrument and are looking for a high-quality and versatile multi-effects system, then you might well end up doing exactly the same.

Check out the full review by Performing Musician
Acoustic Guitar
by Adam Perlmutter

Traditional players of all styles can use the unit to add subtle enhancement to their tone, while more experimentally minded guitarists can dial in a great number of uncanny sounds that might even inspire whole songs.

Check out the full review by Acoustic Guitar

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