Gauss Tape Echo

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Few delay effects are more revered, or iconic, than the tape echo machines of yesteryear.

The warm, fat tones of the vintage reel-to-reel tape units have become the stuff of legend, but they are hard to come by, pretty temperamental and typically quite expensive.

Gauss Tape Echo realistically emulates the sound of those legendary tape echo machines, plays well with other effects, and is pretty darn affordable!  

  • Tape style echo delay pedal
  • Mod switch for turning on authentic warm modulation
  • True Bypass

Echoes of Yesteryear

Gauss Tape Echo features a highly responsive and easy to use 3-knob interface with control over Delay Time, Sustain and Volume.

Our custom-designed, cutting-edge tape algorithm lets you create powerful subsonic pitch dives and self-oscillating spirals of psychedelia by simply manipulating the knobs in real time.

An onboard Mod-switch lets you go squeaky clean, or add subtle and warm modulation to your echoes. 

Vintage tone, Modern Tech

Just as any good delay pedal, Gauss Tape Echo gives your tone a sense of space and substance, by stretching it out a little bit, or a lot!

It also fattens up the sound by adding a distinct sense of "more". But it also gives you the sought-after timbre of the original tape echo machines complete with wow and flutter effects, and natural bass attenuation on the repeats.

Gauss Tape Echo easily recreates any style of echo, from the warm and organic tape delay of your favorite rock classics, to old-school '50s rockabilly slap-back. 

Made to Last

Unlike the original tape machines, Gauss Tape Echo is small and easy to transport.

Its top-mounted jacks make it right at home on any pedal board, while the sturdy metal frame will stand up to obscene amounts of stage and road abuse.

Also unlike the original designs, Gauss Tape Echo features true bypass circuitry to keep your signal clear and bright - no matter what you throw at it!


Backstage Pass – All Access

An easy and portable way of obtaining the classic warm tape echoes of the past, this pedal gets you going with just three knobs and a switch to turn on some sweet modulation.


This knob controls the feedback of the delay. Turn it up for extra repeats and set it low for fewer repeats.


Set the volume of the repeats to fine tune how present the effect sounds.


This knob adjusts the length of the delay time. Set it low for biker gang approved slap-back and set it high for longer otherworldly echoes of reminiscent of old school David Gilmour tones.

True Bypass

If you're not using it, you shouldn't be hearing it. Our high quality true bypass circuit keeps your signal totally clean.

Mod Switch

Switch this slider on for some nice, warm modulation on your delay. Just like on the old tape echo machines.

  • Vintage echo style delay pedal
  • High quality digital circuitry
  • Authentic tape echo tones
  • True bypass
  • Top-mounted I/O
  • Compact but roadworthy design
  • Highly affordable
  • Runs on 9V battery or optional PSU
  • Power consumption: 9V DC and 100 mA

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