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Operating out of Ontario, Canada, Glenn Fricker is the face of Spectre Sound Studios YouTube channel. He is an experienced recording engineer with more than 20 years of experience recording hard rock and metal acts professionally.

Like so many other hopeful young boys, Fricker picked up the guitar in his youth with the dream of one day being in Judas Priest.

He didn’t get the job but kept busy with music, focusing on the recording aspect where he found, he had considerable talent.

When he felt like he was seeing the same recording mistakes being made over and over again by upcoming indie-bands, he launched his YouTube channel, taking matters into his own hands.

Fricker’s impressive following of over 225k subscribers is a testament to the value of his content. In-depth lessons on recording and mixing, various aspects of recording to be considered and just good sound advice for musicians in the studio.

His channel also features thorough reviews of guitars, pedals, amps, microphones and other recording equipment – all of it done in Fricker’s own unique style.

Nothing if not outspoken, Fricker says what’s on his mind.

His outspokenness however, is just a product of his great passion for recording and getting the best possible tone. And singers not cupping the damn microphone.

This enthusiasm has landed him in a bit of a feud with a mob of angry bass players among several others.

We highly recommend some of his rants on the general state of the music business – they’re quite epic!

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