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Wisconsin guitarist Greg Koch is a master guitarist, who skillfully works through blues, jazz, country, funk. Koch has his hands on music clinics, instructional videos, and plays with various lineups. On top of that, he’s a comedian in disguise.

Growing up influenced by Hendrix from an early age left a lasting impression on Greg Koch: “I started playing guitar when I was twelve years old, and I always wanted to play guitar. I was bewitched by Jimmy Hendrix at a very young age. I was the youngest of seven kids, there were five girls in between, and my brother was the oldest and I was the youngest, so we had a room together, so I actually listened to all of his music growing up. He was heavy into Hendrix, Cream, the James Gang, The Beatles, The Stones…stuff….so Hendrix and Clapton, the Creamier Clapton, these guys were like gods to me when most people were into Kermit the Frog back home.”

Koch studied jazz guitar at the University of Wisconsin, and his Milwaukee-based band Greg Koch & the Tone Controls became one of the Wisconsin's most popular and acclaimed acts.

Playing in various bands, Koch eventually realized that he wanted to do his own songs. He got signed on Steve Vai’s label, Fender approached him with an offer to do Fender clinics, which would prove to be a match made in heaven due to Koch’s exquisite guitar chops and his unique sense of humor.

Koch has released several popular guitar method books and instructional DVDs for the Hal Leonard Corporation, including one on Koch’s own particular take on guitar called “Guitar Gristle”.

Most recent is Koch’s Strat’s Got Your Tongue release, an instrumental blues-based cd of world-class guitar. We see Greg’s use of the MojoMojo, Hall of Fame Reverb, Flashback Delay pedals, and the PolyTune as a perfect match – Greg Koch and the TC gear both ooze skill and playfulness.

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