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Ira Coleman’s impressively lyrical bass playing has helped shape the groove for many notable musicians throughout the years, but if you’ve only heard of him recently, chances are that you know him from his work with Sting.

Ira first met Sting when he was recording his album “If on a Winter’s Night…” back in 2009. Sting’s producer had heard Ira’s work and wanted him to come in for a session with Sting to lay down some bass for a song on the album. But Sting was so impressed by what he heard that Ira ended up playing on eight tracks on that album, and has toured and played live with Sting ever since.

His first love though, was jazz, and he has played with many of the most respected and well-known artists in the genre. Cab Calloway, Herbie Hancock and The Duke Ellington Orchestra, to name just a few.

Ira is a truly international musician. Born in Stockholm Sweden, to American and Swedish jazz-loving parents and raised in France and then Germany. When he was 24 he got accepted to the Hochschule für Musik, Köln in Cologne, Germany. He attended for two years until he got accepted at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Mass. Berklee is perhaps the world’s most prominent institute for studying jazz music. After graduating in 1985 he moved to New York, where he still lives.

Ira Coleman didn’t start playing the bass, or any instrument, until he was in his twenties. His parent’s love of jazz had formed much of his musical style and preferences at an early age, but actually playing didn’t come until much later, where Ira finally found the instrument that made it all click for him. “It’s really important to find the instrument that fits your character. I like to be a team player, I like being part of a rhythm section.” Ira says of why he eventually chose to pick up the bass. “It’s not for everybody. The primary role of the bass is to support, and I love doing that.” Ira’s sound, just like himself, is nice and mellow. Smooth tones to ease you along and guide you through the music. Ira mainly plays the upright bass, but in playing with Sting he has found a love for the electric bass as well. “On the upright, the only effect I might use is a TC Electronic Reverb. It makes the sound a little more lyrical.”

Ira has played on Sting’s three latest albums, as well as nearly a hundred albums with other artists, and now with the addition of the BH800 to his sonic arsenal there’s no doubt that Ira’s expressive playing is sure to find its way to at least a hundred albums more.

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