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About Jake Willson

From blues-rock to jazz while crossing over into the world of classical compositions, London-based guitarist, Jake Willson is currently one the most exciting new voices in the world of guitar-oriented music.

When you look at Jake Willson today, especially watching him perform in his electrifying Jamtrackcentral videos, it’s hard to imagine that this guy actually tried to steer away from music during the first stages of life.

Jake grew up in a home full of music with a father who was a professional guitarist. But since every kid needs to go through a stage of rebellion, all Jake had to rebel against was music. Although he tried to push music aside, the guitar was destined to get a hold of him sooner or later. And when it did it got him good!

He started out listening to the raw and catchy riffs of Nirvana and Blink-182 and immediately began learning them on the guitar. But riffs quickly turned to intricate melodies, which led to scales, theory and a profound interest in jazz music.

He started taking lessons from a local jazz guitarist, and from that point on there was no going back. All he wanted to do was go all-in on music!

Hard work and an ambitious mind-set led young Jake to be accepted into the world-renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston, which has seen artists such as John Mayer, Steve Vai, John Scofield and John Petrucci walk the halls throughout the years. Jake ended up completing his degree back home in England at the University of Surrey, where he began studying for a PhD in Classical Composition, while working as an associate lecturer in the fields of orchestration, jazz studies, performance and composition.

Jake’s unpolluted love for music sees him play a vast array of genres live every day. One day you’ll catch him playing eclectic fusion, the next he’s unleashing a heart-felt blues-rock attack, and the third you’ll catch him comping and laying down melodic phrases at jazz clubs across the country.

At the same time Jake has maintained a solid career as a classical composer, and his work has regularly been performed by world-class musicians. We’re almost getting short of breath just by listing Jake Willson’s accomplishments so far, but luckily the man himself is unaffected and is currently pouring his heart and soul into his first solo album.

The future is certainly looking bright for this incredible six-string talent.

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