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James McIlroy is the guitarist of the legendary British extreme metal band Cradle of Filth.

James joined Cradle of Filth in 2003, where he played on the 'Nymphetamine' album as well as appearing on the 'Mannequin' and 'Peace Through Superior Firepower' DVDs. He then left again in 2005, but returned for the second leg of Cradle of Filth's 2009 European Godspeed on the Devil's Thunder tour. Just in time to contribute to the album 'Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa'.

When Cradle of Filth is not touring or recording, McIlroy plays in his own bands Chaosanct, Order of Apollyon and NFD. He is currently working on Chaosanct's debut album as well as new material for all bands.

James first heard about TC through word of mouth. "Literally every guitarist and gear head I knew would be salivating over the TC rack units, and it was just a case of taking the advice of a lot of people who were obsessed with their tone. I then read a lot about effects processors, and without a doubt the #1 company on everyone's lips was TC Electronics, so I decided to grab myself a G-Major."

"For me, the attraction was the transparency, the ease of use, and little things such as worldwide voltage, ability to do external switching and all the nice little extras TC throw in on their products! Once I'd used it, there was no going back, it was an astounding piece of kit, gorgeous effects, easy to program and as a result TC Electronics has been the heart of my effects in every rig I have had for the past decade!"

"I use a TC rack effects processor in the FX loop of my amps in conjunction with midi based amp switchers and loopers. This way I have total control over effects, ordering and amp switching all from one board eliminating the hassle of tap dancing! For me, it just changed the way I thought about gear, I abandoned all processors which were trying to do too much, and it really pushed me down the path of getting as pure an amp tone as possible. With the TC quality I've always been completely confident that my amp's sound is shining through, with the effects being the icing on the cake!"

"I find the TC stuff has lots of little extras. For instance, the G-major I started on had a switch out that allowed me to control jack switchable devices (such as channel switching a head). Other things like easily being able to set input levels, adjust the output, being able to match the input sensitivity to the amp as well as quickly being able to add and edit effects."

"TC stuff is just easy and simple to use, with a great user interface that is self-explanatory and natural. I've never needed a manual to use it, and thus a manual has never gotten between me and my creativity!"


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