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Jared Followill is the bassist in Kings of Leon. In the last decade the group has had tremendous success topping the charts, touring the world and winning several Grammys. Now they are ready to unleash their 6th studio album.

Kings of Leon’s latest album ”Mechanical Bull” signifies a return to the group’s earlier sound. It was released in September 2013, and contains the already hugely popular single “Supersoaker”. Jared is responsible for the powerful bass lines that make up the foundation of the group’s southern rock-style. Recently he has added the “Hall of Fame Reverb” to his pedal board.

Seeing how reverbs were Jared’s most used effect type for the recording of “Mechanical Bull”, TC effects are now a key element in Kings of Leon’s live sound. What is more, the BH250 bass amp, Flashback Delay and Flashback x4 are always backstage with Jared before shows.

If you didn’t spend all of 2008 on a deserted island you will know that Kings of Leon is the group behind the hits "Sex on Fire" and "Use Somebody". If you furthermore enjoy reading band biographies (which if fair to assume you do since you are reading this) you are likely to know that the four members of the group all have the same last name - not due to an unlikely coincidence or a strict band policy, but because they are all related. If you, on top of that, belong to the ever-growing crowd of loyal Kings of Leon-fans, you will know every song the three brothers and their cousin have recorded like the back of your hand.

The Leonese monarchs have undeniably managed to lay the world at their feet in less than a decade. What the future brings for them, no one knows. But it seems certain that the conquering will continue…

After gaining a significant amount of exposure in 2003 in the wake of the “Holy Roller Novocaine EP” the bands debut album, “Youth and Young Manhood”, was highly anticipated – and rightly so. It became a sensation in the UK and Ireland, where NME declared it "one of the best debut albums of the last 10 years". After cutting their second album “Aha Shake Heartbreak”, the band toured with Bob Dylan and Pearl Jam during 2005 and 2006.

In 2007 the band's third album “Because of the Times” was released and the single "On Call" became a hit in the UK and Ireland. In 2008, Kings of Leon released their fourth studio album, “Only by the Night”, which went to the top of the UK Albums Chart and reached number four on the US Billboard Charts. The album was the UK's third-biggest-selling album of 2008 and the biggest-selling album of 2008 in Australia.

2010 was a busy year for the band, playing in more than 50 cities in North America and Europe and releasing their fifth studio album “Come Around Sundown”.


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