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From ferocious high-speed shredding to tender melancholic melodies, Jen Majura of modern-metal giants Evanescence covers it all, making her guitar playing as fierce, fearless and ambitious as herself.

Growing up in the southern parts of Germany, Jen’s father had big musical hopes and dreams for his daughter. He envisioned a future where she would be one of the biggest modern classical piano players, gracing the world with her music, but young Jen had other plans. She wanted to rock ‘n’ roll!

After hearing the infectious riffs and melodies of rock ‘n’ roll legends, KISS there was no shadow of a doubt in Jen’s mind about what she wanted to do with her life. She wanted to play the guitar, and she wanted to rock it like no-one else. So at the tender age of 7, Jen was already rippin’ her first power chords, and with the help of her favorite Ritchie Kotzen VHS tape, she quickly started to delve into the fast-paced world of shredding. At age 12 she had her first band up and running, and by her early teens she was playing in one of the most popular AC/DC tribute bands in her home country. On top of that she’s played in the comical metal band, Knorkator and wielded a hard-hitting bass for German Black Metal outfit Equilibrium.

As you can probably tell, Jen isn’t known for standing still. She is constantly evolving and moving forward, and it is this hyper-ambitious drive and her undeniable musical talent that saw her land the gig as the new guitarist for American goth-metal megastars, Evanescence in August 2015.

The Evanescence gig has already seen Jen’s skills multiply tenfold at both ends of the musical spectrum. Baritone and extended-range guitars have made her tone heavier than ever, while getting more into spacious effects like chorus, reverb and delay for the quieter ambient parts of Evanscence music has taken her sound and melodic feel to new thrilling heights.

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