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Based in Brighton, England, a city with a vibrant math-rock scene, Joe Branton was always into progressive, boundary seeking music.

After witnessing a fellow musician with a lot of pedals, Branton realized that he could stack as many effects on top of each other as he liked, fueling his inspiration for tone searching even more.

This approach is visible in his penchant for the more extreme effect pedals, finding inspiration in trying to push them to their limit and beyond.

In spite of his fascination for complex sounding bands like King Crimson to the Mars Volta, Branton started out his journey as a musician by playing in punk bands but sees several similarities between punk and prog aesthetics as well as the uncompromising attitude to the music.

Working as a marketing manager for a large music store in Brighton is where Branton and a few colleagues started doing the Guitar Nerds podcast together after hours.

Eventually people found other jobs and the guys decided to continue the podcast independently as it was growing quite popular.

Aside from working and doing podcasts, Branton also handles bass duties for his progressive math-rock band, Poly-Math, which are working on a double album to be released in 2018.

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Joe Branton Presents "Inky Vibe" for Shaker Vibrato

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