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With his unique blend of styles ranging from rock, jazz and blues mixed with a copious use of the guitars whammy bar, Johnny A has really managed to set himself apart from the rest of the guitar-wielding pack.

Johnny A got into music at the age of 6, where he started out playing the drums, but six years later he switched to the guitar after being exposed to British rock music like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Before taking the leap as a solo artist, Johnny worked as a 'side-man' for artists such as Doug Clifford from CCR, Mingo Lewis from McGlaughlin Santana, Bobby Whitlock from Derek and The Dominos and Peter Wolf from the J. Geils Band. In 1999 Johnny began his successful solo career, which is still going strong.

When asked about his musical inspirations, Johnny pays a lot of respect and credit to such legendary artists as Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Chet Atkins, Les Paul, Pat Martino, The Everly Brothers, and of course the before mentioned The Beatles and The Stones.

When it comes to guitar effects, Johnny is an avid user of the G-System, and was actually one of the original beta testers of the system during its development. When asked how he prefers to use the G-system, Johnny answered: 'I’m using it inline as a floor device, not as a convertible device. I like gear that’s part of a solution and not part of a problem. It’s a great solution to a lot of problems. The fact that it’s a switching system, a multi-effects processor as well as having loops where you can put in your favorite gain pedals is a Godsend. It has simplified my life immensely by using it!'

The main reasons why he likes the G-system so much is the great programming and switching options, which lets him jump seamlessly between different multi-layered effect setups, or even lets him do a 180 degree turn in style and effects if he wants, and all of this is possible just by pressing a single button.

Johnny A's effect philosophy is that the best effects are the ones you don't even notice are there, and this makes TC effects and the G-system the obvious choice for him, because as he puts it: 'TC products are very clean, very transparent. The way that they route within this box allows you to have a very, very non-muddied path so it keeps the source material intelligent.'

Johnny A is currently working on his next solo album, which is set for release in early 2013.


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