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Jordan Rudess’ virtuoso keyboard skills that combine blazing fast runs with an amazing ear for catchy melodies and all-encompassing soundscapes have seen him transcend the typical keyboard player’s ensemble role, and moved him to the front as one of our times best musicians.

Jordan’s undeniable talent was already discovered during 2nd grade, and he was immediately given professional training to hone it. At the age of 9, Jordan entered the Juillard School of Music where he began studying classical piano, but after being introduced to progressive rock, through acts such as Pink Floyd, Yes, King Crimson and Genesis, and the vast sonic potential of modern synthesizers in his late teens there was no turning back, and Jordan immediately ditched the classical piano for keyboards, synths and the amazing world of prog.rock.

After being voted “Best New Talent” by Keyboard Magazine in 1994, the world of prog.rock started to notice Jordan, and after a quick stint with the legendary Dixie Dregs and progressive super group Liquid Tension Experiment, Jordan joined Dream Theater in 1999, and hasn’t looked back since! After the addition of Jordan to the line-up, Dream Theater recorded and released their masterpiece Metropolis Pt.2: Scenes From a Memory, and have continued to go from strength to strength since then. So far Dream Theater has released eight stellar albums with Rudess behind the keys.

In 2011 Rudess was voted the best keyboardist of all time in a poll conducted by MusicRadar.

In short, Jordan isn’t just a musician. He’s a magician!

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Jordan Rudess uses his "Flash Wiz" TonePrint for the Flashback Delay

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