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Josh Rand started out as a bass player but it wasn’t until he picked up guitar that he found his true bliss. Ever since 2000 he has been rocking in the band Stone Sour adding his passion of thrash metal to the group’s sound.

Apart from being an excellent guitarist Josh Rand is a talented songwriter. Experimenting with different effects is a catalyst for his writing and TC pedals are his go-to effects for spitting out killer songs. His first acquaintance with TC pedals was an article in Guitar World and he soon bought a bunch of them from Sweetwater. Rand is most thrilled about the TonePrint technology. The mind-blowing ability to fine-tune his settings or to beam someone else’s without any trouble is a feature he couldn’t find elsewhere.

Rand is born in Iowa on the south side of Des Moines. He began playing bass guitar when he was 15, the same year he met Corey Taylor (vocalist in slipknot and founder of Stone Sour) whom he later rocked with. Billy Sheehan, Cliff Burton and Jason Newsted have been great inspirations to Josh. After two years of playing bass guitar he switched to guitar and found this to be his true calling. He earned a professional certificate in guitar from Berklee College of Music and is currently pursuing a master’s certificate.

In 2000 Josh crossed paths with Corey Taylor and restored the hard rock band Stone Sour - named after a drink consisting of whiskey and orange juice. The restored Stone Sour came out with their first album in 2002 including the song “Bother” which featured in the Spider-Man soundtrack. This album was RIAA certified with gold. Although Stone Sour’s musical style reflects hard rock, Rand tries to implement an aspect of metal and thrash metal elements into the music. His passion for trash metal goes way back to his early days. Since then Stone Sour has released 5 albums with more than 5 million records sold worldwide. On top of that they have earned 3 Grammy nominations and other awards. Rumor has it that Stone Sour will release a cover EP in 2015.

In 2013 Josh Rand released the DVD “The sound and the story”, an instructional DVD taking the viewer behind the scenes of Josh Rand himself. The DVD consists of an exciting story about Rand and his music filled with guitar content, lessons, exercises, interviews, gear tours and much more.

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Jim Root, Josh Rand - Hell & Consequences Guitar (Stone Sour)

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