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Konnekt 8

Konnekt 8 Front

Intelligent I/O
The Konnekt 8 audio interface is the ideal solution for recording and performing musicians who want the highest possible sound quality from input to the recording application, but don't need the built-in effects of Konnekt 24D. Konnekt will also serve as the perfect addition to Konnekt 24D if you want to add extra I/O to your existing setup.

Two combo inputs on the front panel combine outstanding mic preamp quality with true Hi-Z guitar optimized inputs. The light ring gives you easy access, instant control and visual feedback on important parameters directly from the front panel. You can stack up to four Konnekts together using the 1394 FireWire based TC NEAR™ - Network Expandable Audio Recording - to obtain a massive amount of I/O. If you are working with active monitors, you'll appreciate the analog volume control that ensures a wide dynamic range. Dual headphone outputs are convenient when you're two in studio and one of the headphone outputs comes with an auto speaker muting function. 

IMPACT™ - Integrated Mic PreAmp Circuit Technology
Konnekt comes with two high quality IMPACT™ preamps that give you the very best opportunity to make outstanding quality recordings. The IMPACT™ preamps are based on dedicated and steadfast technology that ensures a perfect and unbiased signal flow - from the first to the last take.

Guitar audio Hi-Z inputs
We've built dedicated guitar input circuits into the Konnekt. No need to mic up your guitar amp, just connect your guitar directly into one of the two Hi-Z guitar inputs on the front panel and apply your favorite choice of guitar software to your recording. 
The built-in Hi-Z inputs are based on circuits that are tailor-made to preserve the original tone and sonic quality of guitar and bass instruments.

Ultimate signal path
The 24-bit/192 kHz Konnekt 8 audio interface is based on TC's yearlong research into analog design and converter technology, as well as the experience from other landmark products like the Finalizer and the flagship System 6000. The internal architecture gives you an optimum signal path from the inputs and on to the recording application.

Cubase LE included

(version 1.0.10 Build 110)

Cubase LE is included with the Konnekt 8. In essence that gives you a complete recording solution right out of the box. Cubase is a serious host application for audio recording that integrates nicely with Konnekt 8.