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Larry Mitchell is a Grammy award-winning producer, engineer and performer who has toured the world playing guitar with well-known artists including Tracy Chapman, Billy Squier, Ric Ocasek and Miguel Bosé. He also fronts the dynamic rock/instrumental band The Larry Mitchell Trio.

Playing the guitar since 1969, he skilfully weaves guitar textures that showcase his virtuosity as a solo artist and ensemble player. For his first major tour in 1988, he started using the TC 2290 Delay, and soon added the TC Chorus Flanger to his rig.

Referring to the Triple Delay as his “Idea Machine”, he loves experimenting with settings, be inspired by the sounds, and is known to use it to stack several delays. When playing improvisational gigs with drummer Steward Copeland (The Police) and bassist Brian Hardgroove (Public Enemy), the Triple Delay allows for quick tweaking and flexibility. Jamming in clubs etc, he always bring the Ditto X2 Looper, that features unlimited overdubs, and loop FXs.

As a producer-engineer, Larry has won 26 New Mexico Music Awards in various categories from pop, adult contemporary, rap, rock, country and Native American. He won a Grammy Award for producing, engineering and performing on "Totemic Flute Chants" by artist Johnny Whitehorse, who is better known as Robert Mirabal of Taos Pueblo.

List of TC products used • TC 2290 • TC CHORUS/FLANGER • Triple Delay • Ditto X2 Looper

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Cool gear I love. TC Electronic Triple Delay

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